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For the town in The Adventure of Link, see Rauru Town.

Rauru,(OoT | TotK | SSBU)[1][13][14] also known as Kaepora Gaebora when in his owl form,(OoT) is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.


Era of Chaos

During the Era of Chaos and shortly before the Kingdom of Hyrule was established by the royal descendants of the goddess Hylia's mortal incarnation, Rauru built the Temple of Time over the remains of the Sealed Temple that was located deep within the Faron Woods in the Faron Province. In doing this, he protected the Triforce from the chaotic Battle for the Sacred Realm being fought over its ownership at the time.[15][16] Rauru named the temple after the Temple of Time from the legends of the events of Skyward Sword about a hero who had wielded the Master Sword and traveled between two time periods.[17][18] He chose to remain within the Temple of Light, situated in the center of the Sacred Realm, only leaving it in the form of the wise and watchful owl known as Kaepora Gaebora.[19] Knowledge of the Sacred Realm passed onto the Sheikah tribe and Rauru's name faded into obscurity.[20]

Ocarina of Time

After Link defeats Gohma in a failed attempt to save the Great Deku Tree, he leaves the Kokiri Forest and has his first encounter with Rauru, who awaits him in his owl form as Kaepora Gaebora at the edge of the woods. The owl gives him encouragement on the adventure the Great Deku Tree has tasked him with and advises him to visit Princess Zelda at Hyrule Castle before leaving with a promise that they will meet again.[21]

Kaepora Gaebora, Rauru's owl form as seen in-game

True to his word, Kaepora Gaebora often appears to tell Link about a new area whenever the young hero comes upon it, and he picks Link up and carries him twice when Link could not progress on his own. Once Link reaches the Spirit Temple, after navigating between the eras of his childhood and adulthood, Kaepora Gaebora compliments him on his growth and bids farewell after giving one final piece of advice on how to defeat the witches, Twinrova.[22]

When Link drew the Master Sword from the Pedestal of the Master Sword, Ganondorf entered the Sacred Realm and obtained the Triforce of Power from the Temple of Light. The Sacred Realm transformed into the Dark World, with the exception of the Chamber of Sages.[23][24][25][26] The Master Sword kept Link in the safety of this chamber so that the boy could grow old enough to truly assume the role of the Hero of Time.[27] Rauru speaks with Link for the first time after a period of seven years, informing him of what has transpired and his duties as the hero.[28][29] After instructing him to awaken the other Sages, Rauru gives him the Light Medallion.[30][31]

Rauru contacts Link again after he frees the other five Sages. He tells Link to meet "someone" waiting at the Temple of Time before facing Ganondorf.[32] This person turns out to be Sheik, who reveals herself as none other than Princess Zelda, the seventh Sage.[33][34] Unfortunately, by revealing herself to Link, Princess Zelda exposes herself to Ganondorf, who subsequently captures her and takes her to his castle.[35][36][37] Rauru then instructs Link to save Princess Zelda and informs him that he and the other Sages will aid him by providing entrance to Ganon's Castle.[38] When Link defeats Ganon, Rauru leads the other Sages when they use their powers to seal Ganondorf within the Sacred Realm.[39]

The Wind Waker

In The Wind Waker, Rauru, like the other Sages who helped seal Ganondorf within the Sacred Realm, is memorialized within one of the stained glass windows in Hyrule Castle's basement, where the Master Sword is now enshrined. The Royal Crest is depicted directly above him.

Tears of the Kingdom

Rauru founded Hyrule depicted in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom as its first King of Hyrule. It is possible that Hyrule may have been destroyed once before he founded his kingdom.[40] He is a Zonai man married to the Hylian queen Sonia and a distant ancestor to the Zelda of the Era of the Wilds. He is also the younger brother of Mineru, the Sage of Spirit. Rauru and Mineru are the last remaining Zonai in Hyrule.[41] In the distant future, Rauru's body is reduced to a Right Arm which holds Ganondorf in place until Zelda and Link arrive. When the two approach, his arm collapses, dropping his Secret Stone for Zelda to pick up and unwittingly use to travel back in Time. When Ganondorf destroys Link's right arm, Rauru's Spirit transplants his own Arm onto Link's body, allowing Link to use ancient Magic.

Rauru guides Link to the Temple of Time on the Great Sky Island. While Link explores the Garden of Time, Rauru will visit different places and remark upon what life was like for him in the distant past. When Link arrives at the Temple of Time and finds that he cannot open its front doors due to the Darkness residing in his body, Rauru instructs him to visit three of the Shrines of Light atop the Great Sky Island in order to purge this evil. Inside each Shrine, Rauru will gift Link with a new ability that will help him navigate the Shrines and travel across the Great Sky Island.[42]

Once Link receives the three Lights of Blessing from the Shrines, Rauru tells him to return to the Temple of Time.[43] At the Temple of Time, Link receives the Recall ability from Zelda, who quickly disappears. Rauru explains the ability and speculates that this apparition of Zelda may have been a reflection of her will rather than Zelda herself.[44] When Link attempts to open the rear doors of the Temple, Rauru informs him that he is still weak from his encounter with Ganondorf and that he must recover some strength before he can open it.[45] He then guides Link to the Nachoyah Shrine in the southern part of the Great Sky Island where Link can find a fourth Light of Blessing to offer to the Temple of Time's Goddess Statue in exchange for a Piece of Heart.[46]

After Link opens the rear doors to the Temple of Time, Rauru reappears before him to congratulate his progress in spite of his grievous injury.[47] Before disappearing, he declares that Link is exactly as described by Zelda and tells Link that he has done everything he could to help him save her.[48]

Rauru using his power of Light

In the distant past, Rauru and Sonia find Zelda after she is transported to the past with Rauru's Secret Stone, which amplifies Zelda's powers over Time. The two take Zelda in while she searches for a way to return to her own time, and in doing so learn what the future of Hyrule Kingdom is like. They also learn from Zelda that a brave Knight named Link saves the Kingdom from a great evil. At some point, Rauru accepted Ganondorf and the Gerudo as subjects into the fledgling Hyrule Kingdom despite the Gerudo under Ganondorf ignoring prior invitations. Rauru understood that Ganondorf held Darkness within his heart and chose to keep him close in order to keep an eye on him. However, this plan backfired when Ganondorf created a Phantom Ganon that resembled Zelda to distract Sonia long enough to kill her and steal her Secret Stone. By using the Secret Stone to amplify his own powers, Ganondorf transformed into Demon King Ganondorf and summoned an army of Monsters to attack Hyrule Kingdom. This was the first act of the Imprisoning War wherein Rauru swore to stop Ganondorf at any cost.

In order to increase Hyrule Kingdom's odds against Ganondorf's army, Rauru selected six individuals to hold Secret Stones. In accepting their responsibility to protect the land, these six people became the Six Sages. Zelda and Mineru already possessed Secret Stones and became the Sage of Time and Sage of Spirit, while an additional four were shared among leaders of the Rito, Zora, Gorons, and the Gerudo. The Rito leader became the Sage of Wind, the Zora leader became the Sage of Water, the Goron leader became the Sage of Fire, and the Gerudo leader became the Sage of Lightning.

While they prepared for their upcoming battle, Rauru mourned the late Queen Sonia. He also met with Zelda, who realized that the reanimated mummy she met Beneath Hyrule Castle was Ganondorf after watching him become the Demon King. Recalling the circumstances of her first encounter, she warned Rauru that despite their efforts, he would live on to the distant future where they would meet again. Rauru reassures Zelda that she comes from a future where she did not exist in the past, and that their chances against Ganondorf would be different with her presence.[note 1]

Despite their preparations, Rauru and the Six Sages are soundly defeated by Demon King Ganondorf. Knowing that he can place his faith in the capable Knight Link, Rauru decides to sacrifice himself in order to seal Ganondorf away. The Six Sages attack Ganondorf once more, but he is able to deftly repel their attacks and arrogantly predicts Rauru's next attack. Taking advantage of Ganondorf's arrogance, Rauru sneaks up on the Demon King and grips his chest, binding Ganondorf's heart and using his powers of Light to siphon the Demon King's powers. This process locks both of them together underground.

Following Rauru's imprisoning of Ganondorf underground, his people construct Hyrule Castle atop the Demon King to keep him sealed, the castle remains intact and undestroyed for ages until it is damaged during the Great Calamity 100 years prior to the Era of the Wilds.[49][50] Link and Zelda travel Beneath Hyrule Castle to investigate the Gloom seeping out from Ganondorf's body.

After Link defeats the Demon Dragon, the Spirits of Rauru and Sonia appear to him. They channel their powers of Light and Time through Link to reverse Zelda's transformation into the Light Dragon and the damage done to Link's arm by Ganondorf's Gloom. With the defeat of Demon King Ganondorf and the future of Hyrule saved, Rauru and Sonia both fade into the afterlife.

Other Appearances

Ocarina of Time (Himekawa)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Rauru — Spirit Battle Information
Support Spirit
No. 1514
Team Power Neutral | 13,000 Rank ★★★★ LEGEND Fighter(s)
Stage Temple (Battlefield) Theme "Calamity Ganon Battle - Second Form" Mewtwo
Rule(s) Hazard(s)
 • Stamina Battle
 • The enemy favors neutral specials
 • Reinforcments will appear after an enemy is KO'd
Rauru — Spirit Information

No. 1514
Rank ★★★★ LEGEND Cost
Special-Move Power 🠅
Slightly increses the power of all special moves.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Rauru from Tears of the Kingdom appears as a Support Spirit, first appearing in the Fresh New Faces! event on January 12th, 2024. Rauru holds the skill Special-Move Power 🠅, which increases the power of the fighter's special moves.


  • The exact connection between Rauru and the owl Kaepora Gaebora was left up for interpretation and debate by fans from Ocarina of Time's release in 1998 until the Hyrule Historia in 2011, which confirmed that they are indeed one and the same.[51]
  • Rauru, like several other characters from Ocarina of Time, inspired a town featured in The Adventure of Link to be named after him, Rauru Town.
  • In Skyward Sword, the character Gaepora bears a great deal of resemblance and personality to both Rauru and his owl incarnation.


Names in Other Regions
  • ラウル (Rauru) (OoT)[54]
  • ラウル (TotK)
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
勞魯 (Láolǔ) (TotK)
The People's Republic of China
劳鲁 (Láolǔ) (TotK)
The French Republic
Rauru (OoT | TotK)[55]
Rauru (TotK)
The Federal Republic of Germany
Rauru (TotK)
The Italian Republic
The Republic of Korea
라울 (TotK)
The Kingdom of Spain
Rauru (TotK)
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