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This article is about the nameless Hero from the past of Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. For the Hero spoken of in Twilight Princess, see Hero's Spirit.

The Ancient Hero is the title given to a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.(TotK)[2] The Ancient Hero goes unnamed in Breath of the Wild.

The Ancient Hero was born with the spirit of the hero who defeated Calamity Ganon with the help of Ancient Technology 10,000 years prior to the events of Breath of the Wild.[1] Tears of the Kingdom implies the Ancient Hero has a connection to the Zonai, if he is not one himself.[3]


Breath of the Wild

The Calamity Ganon Tapestry depicting him sealing Calamity Ganon

10,000 years before the events of Breath of the Wild, the Ancient Hero united with an incarnation of the Princess, the four Divine Beasts, and numerous Guardians, using the Sword That Seals the Darkness to seal Calamity Ganon away beneath Hyrule Castle. This legend is told upon completing the Great Plateau by King Rhoam[4] and retold to Link separately by Impa and Kass.[1][5] The Ancient Hero is never seen directly, but he appears in artistic form on the Calamity Ganon Tapestry. The artwork depicts him with green eyes, fiery red hair, and a light blue outfit, similar to the Champion's Tunic his successor wears in the distant future.

Upon first meeting Link, Kass claims that his Ancient Songs commemorate the actions of the Ancient Hero.[6] He also mentions the Ancient Hero during the Side Quest "The Hero's Cache", supposing that the treasure hidden in Kitano Bay may have belonged to the Hero who defeated the Calamity 10,000 years ago.[7] Furthermore, at a Stable where he plays Epona's Song, Kass will inform Link that while the Song's origins are uncertain, his teacher the Court Poet believed the Ancient Hero used it to call to his Horse.[8]

Tears of the Kingdom

After completing every Shrine of Light, Link can receive the Ancient Hero's Aspect at the Temple of Time.[note 1] When worn, it envelops Link in the aura of the hero's spirit and gives him the appearance of the Ancient Hero.[3][9]

The Ancient Hero is shown to be similar to a Zonai, with similar animalistic traits and Zonai markings and armor. However, given that his appearance still significantly differs from the two known Zonai, Rauru and Mineru, and Ganondorf's claim that the other Zonai no longer exist in their world,[10] it remains unclear if the Ancient Hero is actually a Zonai or related to them. The Ancient Hero's actual armor is also near-identical to the Zonaite Waistguard and Zonaite Shin Guards, though Hylians are seen wearing this type of clothing in the time of Rauru.

If spoken to by Link when wearing the Ancient Hero's Aspect, several characters will recognize the Ancient Hero. Impa will be amused and note that Link appears similar to the figure on the Screen of the Ancient Hero;[9] Purah will compliment Link but remark that she didn't recognize him at first;[11] Tauro will believe the Ancient Hero had been resurrected, before realizing it was Link and wishing to try on the outfit;[12] and Symin will inquire as to where Link found the clothing.[13]

At the Hateno School, Symin recounts the story of the Ancient Hero and the 10,000-year-old Great Calamity to the children of Hateno Village.[2] Azu also has a comment about Link having shown the class "ancient hero getup",[14] though this is tied to the lesson on the Calamity and not Link actually having worn the Ancient Hero's Aspect, appearing to be a mistranslation.[note 2]


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  1. "Aspect" in this case is referring to a "spiritual manifestation" rather than a "facet" or "quality".
  2. Azu's line in Japanese is: この前見せてくれた古の勇者の姿 / すっげー かっこよかったなぁ / アオタマンも いつか専用のコスチュームを作ろっと!("Last time I saw you, you showed me an ancient hero's figure. That was so cool! I'll make a special costume for Aotaman (A-Zoom) someday too!") The localization team appears to have misinterpreted the word 姿 (Sugata), here meaning "appearance" or "figure", as specifically instead meaning "costume" or "guise", and assumed it referred to the Ancient Hero's Aspect due to Azu being inspired to make a costume for his own superhero persona.