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Azu is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Azu is a curious child who spends most of his time spying on the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab from a distance with his friend Sefaro.[3][4] He has heard from Karin that a girl was seen around the Lab, but he is growing frustrated with the lack of evidence.[5][6][7] Still, he is hoping to eventually catch sight of her.[8]

If Link speaks to Azu in the morning, he tells him to keep his space, as he could potentially blow their cover.[9] Upon further prompting, he will explain that he and Sefaro are playing spies.[10] While Sefaro would like to go up to the Lab,[11] Azu admits that his mother has told him not to get too close.[12] During the Rain, Azu claims that while he would like to go visit the girl, he hates walking through the rain.[13]

If Link stands between Azu and the Lab, he will quietly tell him that he is in the way.[14][15] However, should Link show an interest in what he is doing, Azu will perk up and explain his actions.[16] Link can apologize for getting in the way and Azu will be pleased.[17] When Link speaks to Azu while holding the Blue Flame, he will recognize it, as he has seen Purah holding it before.[18] He then wonders how Link knows Purah.[19]

At 8 o'clock, Azu decides it is time to stop playing and go home for the night.[20] He sleeps above the East Wind with his mother, Amira, and his sister, Ivee. Even in his dreams, he mumbles about the Sheikah girl.[21][22]


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