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Amira is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Amira is a rather unfriendly, gossip loving woman who resides in Hateno Village with her family.[1]. At 9:00 PM, Amira heads to sleep on the top floor of the East Wind with her children.[3] She is clearly tired and sighs when Link attempts to converse with her, irritated with the company.[4] She is an uneasy sleeper, often grunting or mumbling as she dreams.[5][6] If Link tries to speak with her in the morning, she asks him to leave her alone.[7][8]

During the day, Amira be found chatting with fellow villager Nikki at the Well next to the East Wind. However, she despises others who try to listen in on her conversation and will harshly tell Link off if he tries to speak with her.[9] If Link attempts to speak to Nikki instead, Amira admonishes him for trying to eavesdrop.[10] Should Amira make it to the Well before Nikki, she will say that she is waiting for someone and ask Link to leave.[11] To listen to their conversation, Link must hide out behind the Well. They talk about a little girl who has been spotted at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.[12] Amira thinks that perhaps the people living in the Lab adopted her,[13] but Nikki disagrees.[14]

Like most residents of Hateno Village, Amira will have a reaction if Link speaks to her while carrying the Blue Flame. She notes that it is dangerous and says that he should not run around with it.[15] If Link speaks to her again, she scolds him for carrying something so dangerous and tells him to put it away.[16]


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