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Hylia (pronounced /ˈhaɪliə/ HY-lee)[4] is a recurring character in the The Legend of Zelda series.[5][6] Beginning as a divine entity, she was later reborn into a mortal form as Zelda, making the Reborn Goddess Hylia the true ancestor to the Royal Family of Hyrule.


Skyward Sword

The Goddess Hylia was entrusted with the protection of the Triforce after the Golden Goddesses created the world. She held that duty throughout the Era of Hylia.[7][8]

When Demise and his Demons suddenly appeared from a fissure beneath the ground and began attacking the people on the Surface, in an attempt to seize the Triforce and rule the world,[9] she gathered the survivors on an outcrop of earth, and sent them to the sky away from danger along with the Triforce, which was secretly hidden in the outcrop's Sky Keep.[10][11] Hylia created a Cloud Barrier to separate the Sky from the world below.[12] With the surviving humans safe above the clouds, she battled Demise using the Goddess Sword and the help of the five tribes of the Surface, eventually sealing him away in Hylia's Realm, which would later be known as the Sealed Grounds, restoring peace to the land.[13]

Hylia suffered grave injuries during the battle and knew that the seal would not hold forever. To combat this, she made several preparations for Demise's inevitable return.[14][15] She created Fi, a spirit that would reside in the Goddess Sword, and gave her the purpose of assisting the Chosen Hero throughout his future journey.[3] She also left several messages for the one who would one day become her Chosen Hero to guide them in their quest.[16][17][18] Along with these messages, she created several trials held in the Silent Realm that would test the Chosen Hero's Power, Wisdom, and Courage,[19] and left gifts to help her Chosen Hero find their way to the Sacred Flames in order to empower the Goddess Sword into the Master Sword.[20] She also created the Isle of Songs,[21] which houses three Songs that would open the way to each of these trials. Additionally, she left behind the Goddess's Harp,[22] which would be used by her mortal incarnation, Zelda, and the Chosen Hero later.

Hylia also appointed three Dragons to protect the regions of the Surface: Faron to watch over Faron Woods, Eldin to watch over Eldin Volcano, and Lanayru to watch over Lanayru Desert.[23] She also appointed the spirit Levias as warden of the Sky.[24] Each of them were left with a part of the Song of the Hero, a melody that would unlock the Chosen Hero's final trial.[11][25] She entrusted them to teach the Chosen Hero their part of the Song, since should the Chosen Hero succeed in completing the last trial, the path to the Triforce would open to them.[26] Her final plan was to willingly shed her divinity and power in order to transfer her soul to the body of a mortal so that she could use the power of the Triforce when the time came.[27] Eventually, she presumably succumbed to her wounds.[citation needed]

Zelda, the mortal reincarnation of Hylia, in her goddess robes.

Centuries later during the Sky Era, Hylia is reborn on Skyloft as Zelda. She had no memory of her previous existence as Hylia, nor was she aware of her true nature. One day while flying with Link, she is tossed out of the Sky onto the Surface by a massive tornado summoned by Ghirahim. She is found by Impa who rescued her from being captured by evil forces and helped her remember her previous life as Hylia and her original purpose.[28] With the help of Impa, who was sent out to help her at her own request centuries prior,[29] Zelda sets out to pray at the Goddess Statues located in each Temple across the Surface to purify her body, gradually gaining more memories of the Goddess Hylia.[28]

Zelda gave Link the Goddess's Harp before travelling with Impa to the Temple of Time and going through a Gate of Time to a thousand years into the past. To prevent Ghirahim from following them, Impa destroyed the Gate of Time. Upon arriving, they make their way to the Sealed Temple where they awaited Link's arrival. When he arrives, she explains to him her true nature as the mortal reincarnation of Hylia, and blesses the Master Sword with her power.[30]

As the living embodiment of the Goddess Hylia, Zelda stays in the past to ensure that Demise remains imprisoned.[31] She apologizes to Link for involving him in the war against Demise, explaining that she needed someone with an "unbreakable spirit" and that she took advantage of Link's motivation to save Zelda.[32] Despite being unaware of this plan, Zelda fells remorseful and feels she must atone.[33] She seals herself into an amber crystal and sleeps for a thousand years to ensure Demise's imprisonment held. Before doing so, she gives Link one final task: finding the Triforce and using it to destroy Demise once and for all.[34]

After Link uses the Triforce to destroy Demise, Zelda awakens from her millennium-long slumber and the two are finally reunited.[35] Shortly after her awakening, Ghirahim attacks and takes her through the Gate of Time, with the goal of using her soul to revive the Demise in the past.[36][37] As Link follows him, Ghirahim orders his troops to keep him at bay while he begins the ritual, but Link manages to reach and defeat him. However, the ritual had continued during the fight and Demise is freed as The Imprisoned, absorbing Zelda's soul and returning to his true form.[38]

During the final battle between Link and Demise, Zelda is kept safe within the Sealed Temple. After Link successfully defeats and seals Demise within the Master Sword, Zelda's soul returns to her and she recovers. With peace returned to the land, they return to their own time. Later, while enjoying the view from atop the Goddess Statue, Zelda mentions to Link that she had fantasized about the Surface for so long and decides that she wants to live there permanently, and asks Link if he would like to do the same.[39]

For her selfless acts to protect the Hylians who bear her name, Hylia is among the most praised and beloved deities in all of Hyrule.[40] The descendants of her mortal incarnation would go on to establish Hyrule upon the Surface in the Era of Prosperity, their bloodline becoming the long-lasting Royal Family of Hyrule. It became a tradition for women born into the royal bloodline to be named "Zelda" after her mortal embodiment.

Breath of the Wild

In Breath of the Wild, there are a multitude of Goddess Statues and monuments dedicated to Hylia across Hyrule, and several locations are named after her such as Mount Hylia. The Monks that created the Ancient Shrines also seem to worship her and claim to have been blessed with her sight.[41][42]

Other Appearances

Skyward Sword (Himekawa)

In the Skyward Sword manga by Akira Himekawa, the Goddess Hylia makes an appearance.

As Hylia's Chosen Hero is readying himself to battle against Demise and his army, the Goddess Hylia suddenly appears in person, riding on an old Loftwing. Link reveals himself as the Knight of Hylia and the hero whom they sought. He claims that, although humans may seem small in the eyes of the gods, there are those among them who possess great courage.[43][44] Hylia acknowledges her knight's unmatched valiance and honor and proclaims him her chosen hero. She then allows him to wield her legendary weapon brought by the gods, the Master Sword.[45] However, the hero claims that he could not touch a holy sword, thinking that he is impure because he was imprisoned for years.[46] Despite this, Hylia says that the Master Sword will decide whether he is impure or not, and asks him for his choice; to seek revenge on the surface's people who imprisoned him or to save the world from its terrible fate.[47][48] Hylia's Chosen Hero decides that he will always stand with his friends and accepts the Master Sword from the goddess.[49] After reforging the sword, the hero agrees to lead the Goddess's army against the invading demons, but is mortally wounded in an encounter with Demise. With no other choice, Hylia and the hero use the power of the Master Sword to send the earth surrounding the castle into The Sky.[50] With the humans and the Triforce safe in The Sky, Hylia proceeds to fight Demise and seals him away. After the battle, she sees her Chosen Hero lying dead on the ground, having succumbed to his wounds. Filled with grief, Hylia promises that his spirit will eternally live on and resolves to discard her divinity so that she may be with the Chosen Hero as a mortal.[51]



Names in Other Regions
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Hylia (OoT)[56]
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