Tantari Desert

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The Tantari Desert is a location in The Adventure of Link.[1]


The desert is a small, sandy plain north of North Castle, known for its single, isolated cave. The Tantari Desert is plot-significant; hidden within its depths is a Trophy stolen from a woman in the Town of Ruto. After defeating the very Goriya that stole the trophy,[2] Link returns the trophy to the woman, and in return he receives the Jump spell from her uncle in her house.[3]


Tan in Japanese means "smooth", "flat", "quiet", and "pale",[4] whereas Tari is the name of an Ijaw tribe in west Africa.[5]

Names in Other Regions
タンタリ砂漠 (Tantari Sabaku)[7]Same as English.
The People's Republic of China
坦塔力沙漠 (Tǎn tǎ lì shā mò)[8]Tǎntǎlì Desert
The Italian Republic
Deserto Tantari[6]Tantari Desert
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