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This article is about the dragon from Skyward Sword. For the Spirit of Light, see Eldin (Spirit).

Eldin is one of the three Dragons who protect The Surface in Skyward Sword, alongside Faron and Lanayru.[3] As the protector of the Eldin Province, Eldin has power over fire. He teaches Link part of the "Song of the Hero".


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Fi says:

That is Eldin, the Fire Dragon. As the great protector of Eldin Province, he has power over fire.

Eldin is one of the three dragons who were gifted with the task of inheriting a part of the "Song of the Hero" by Hylia and teaching it to the chosen hero. Eldin is found by Link inside the Volcano Summit after the young hero escapes captivity from the local Bokoblins when Eldin Volcano erupts. Eldin explains that it was a burst of his power that caused the eruption.[4] After apologizing, he teaches Link his part of the "Song of the Hero". Eldin is known to be a storyteller, which is shown when Link returns to his lair. The Fire Dragon will tell various stories to the young hero, including the history of Eldin Volcano.[5]


Names in Other Regions
The French Republic
Ordinn (SS)[6]
The Federal Republic of Germany
Eldin (SS)
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