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Tulin is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.(BotW | TotK | HWAoC)[8][9][10]


Breath of the Wild

Tulin is a young Rito child who resides in Teba's Home in Rito Village. He is the only child of Teba and Saki, and he has the same white and gray coloration as his father. Teba believes that Tulin is of the age to become a warrior, while Saki still considers him to be a fledgling.[11]

The first time Link approaches Tulin, he will excitedly greet him.[12] After Link responds, Tulin will commend him, recalling that his father taught him that "great kids are great greeters".[13] Prior to Divine Beast Vah Medoh being calmed, he excitedly shares that Teba promised to play with him at the Flight Range soon.[14][15] If asked about the Flight Range, Tulin points Link in its direction, expressing his wish for his father to come play with him soon.[16] Whenever Link speaks to Tulin again, he will recognize him and talk about his father's promise.[17] In his sleep, Tulin will mumble about Teba.[18]

Once Divine Beast Vah Medoh has been appeased, Tulin will happily inform Link that his father has returned home.[19][20] While he is concerned that his father was injured, Tulin is excited by the prospect of flying with him soon.[21] Tulin invites Link to come back later and play with him.[22]

A screenshot of Teba flying away from Rito Village, with Tulin riding on his back.
Tulin riding on Teba's back

After Link obtains the Great Eagle Bow, Teba decides it is time for him to take Tulin to the Flight Range, expressing his desire for Tulin to become a warrior just like Revali.[23] When Link tells him to take care, Teba stands and beckons Tulin to come with him,[24] much to Tulin's excitement.[6] As they prepare to depart, Tulin invites Link to come play with them at the Flight Range.[25] Tulin then rides on his father's back to the Flight Range.

At the Flight Range, Tulin stands at the edge of the platform overlooking the ravine. When Link speaks to him, he will eagerly greet him.[26] After Link responds, Tulin reveals that his father told him about the hero and that he is good with a Bow, which he wants to know the truth of.[27] If Link confirms his skills, Tulin is amazed and asks for a demonstration.[28] If Link downplays his abilities, Tulin recalls that Teba said he was great, asserting that his father never lies.[29]

Tulin offers to count down for Link before the Flight Range Mini-Game starts, at which point Link will have to shoot as many Targets as he can in a limited amount of time.[30] He promises to give Link a prize dependent on how many Targets he breaks.[31] Should Link ask for further clarification of the rules, Tulin confirms that they are as simple as he said.[32] If Link declines to participate in the Mini-Game, Tulin will be dejected.[33] If Link agrees, Tulin begins his countdown, which marks the start of the Mini-Game.[34]

At the end of the Mini-Game, Tulin will call Link back to the Flight Range's hut.[35][36] If Link broke less than five Targets, Tulin will be unimpressed, telling Link to show him something cooler next time.[37] Depending on how many Targets Link has shot, Tulin will compliment him.[38][39][40][41] Then, on Teba's behalf, he will give Link a Red Rupee, a Purple Rupee, a Silver Rupee, or a Gold Rupee.[42]

Tears of the Kingdom

In the time since Breath of the Wild, Tulin has noticeably grown.[43] In the past, he would watch Link and his father Teba train at the Flight Range.[44] He is now considered a young Rito warrior, and he has a unique Power of Wind that sets him apart for the other Rito.[2][45] However, Teba and Saki still have concerns about his ability to work on a team.[46][47] Initially, Tulin carries a Swallow Bow, but he later receives a Great Eagle Bow to fight with instead.

A screenshot of Tulin with his wings outstretched at Revali's Landing. Text on-screen displays his name, along with the title "Young Rito Warrior".
Tulin's introduction

During the Extreme Cold Snap in Hebra, Tulin has been tasked with patrolling the area around Rito Village, often bringing back useful information.[45] When Link first arrives in Rito Village, he will find Tulin arguing with Teba and Saki on Revali's Landing.[48] Tulin claims he is capable of investigating the Blizzard on his own, despite his father's protests.[49] He cuts off his argument when he notices Link nearby, flying closer to confirm whether or not it is him.[50] Once he is sure that it is Link, Tulin greets him happily.[51] Teba reintroduces Tulin to Link, noting that he has yet to grow up completely.[43] Tulin insists he would be more mature if Teba treated him like an adult.[52] To prove himself, he decides to leave on another scouting trip.[53] He expresses his disappointment in the Rito's reliance on the "Song of the Stormwind Ark", flying away before Teba can stop him.[54]

When Link meets with Harth during the "Tulin of Rito Village" Main Quest, he suggests that he team up with Tulin to search for Zelda.[45] He has since joined Gesane and Laissa in searching for Food at the Hebra South Summit Cave.[55] However, when Link finds Gesane and Laissa, Tulin has abandoned them both after spotting a group of Monsters near Talonto Peak, intending to follow them back to their nest.[56][57] At Talonto Peak, Link can find Tulin bemoaning a Monster.[58][59] When Link asks what happened, Tulin explains that his Swallow Bow was stolen by an Aerocuda, and he asks for Link's help in retrieving it.[60]

If Link agrees to help Tulin, he offers to use his Power of Wind to help him Paraglide to the Fallen Ruin ahead.[61] Once the Aerocuda has been defeated, Tulin will catch his Swallow Bow as it falls.[62] Returning to Link's side, Tulin thanks him for his help.[63] At that moment, three more Aerocudas appear, all of whom are carrying Bokoblins.[64] Tulin decides to fight them alongside Link.[65] During this battle, Tulin will assist Link by shooting Arrows at the Monsters. After all of the Monsters have been defeated, Tulin will celebrate his and Link's victory.[66] Noticing a Torch with a Skull nearby, Tulin realizes that the Fallen Ruin was serving as a hideout for the Monsters.[67] They then hear a mysterious sound, which Tulin is unable to identify.[68]

Tulin and Link are interrupted by the arrival of Harth and Gesane.[69] Harth is impressed by their teamwork, but Tulin is embarrassed that someone was watching them.[70] He admits that he was wrong to rush out after the Monsters without listening to Gesane, and he acknowledges he was not strong enough to retrieve his Swallow Bow by himself.[71] Looking towards Link, Tulin accepts the importance of teamwork.[72] When Gesane questions how he was able to lose his Swallow Bow in the first place, Tulin reveals that he was taken off guard when he spotted an individual resembling Zelda being attacked by a Monster, but she floated above the storm afterwards.[73] Harth suggests that Tulin and Link investigate the source of the Blizzard, claiming that Tulin is the only Rito entering the cloud.[74] He also recalls Teba's assessment that Tulin would one day become a fine Rito warrior.[75] Harth promises to tell Teba about Tulin's achievements, urging him and Link to begin their investigation.[76] Tulin is confident in both himself and Link, and he decides they should search the Sky Islands above Hebra Peak for more clues about Zelda.[77]

At Hebra Peak, Tulin and Link encounter Huck, and Tulin confirms that he has received permission to investigate the Blizzard.[78] Huck is relieved that Tulin is the one who received the mission, and he promises to watch out for them until they return.[79] Tulin assures Huck that he and Link will not disappoint him.[80]

As they start exploring the Rising Island Chain, Tulin informs Link that they are near where he saw Zelda.[81] Seeing a Flying Ship nearby, Tulin suddenly rushes over to look at it.[82][83] Up close, he is able to identify it as a boat.[84] Once again, Tulin hears a strange noise, and this time he hears a voice beckoning him further into the Sky.[85] Looking up at the cloud above them, Tulin notices the silhouette of a larger ship, and the numerous Flying Ships surrounding it remind him of the "Song of the Stormwind Ark".[86] Wondering if the Song is true, Tulin decides to listen to the voice's command and search the giant ship for clues about Zelda.[87] Near Kahatanaum Shrine, Tulin notes how cold it has gotten due to the Freezing Climate.[88] He assures Link that he will be fine, though he warns him to take care of himself.[89]

After passing through the top of the cloud, Tulin and Link find themselves at the Stormwind Ark, which serves as the Wind Temple.[90] On the deck, Tulin again spots the figure resembling Zelda in front of a Terminal, but when he runs up to her, he is stopped by a huge gale of Wind from the center of the ship.[91] He believes that the source of the Blizzard can be found below deck, though he notices that the person he saw prior is now gone.[92] If Link attempts to activate the Terminal, the hatch blocking the passage to the Blizzard's source start to open, but only one section is able to move. Tulin wonders if there is a way to open the hatch,[93] at which point they hear the mysterious sound again.[94] The voice tells Tulin that he needs to undo that five Locks throughout the Wind Temple in order to release the hatch.[95] Heeding the voice's words, Tulin urges Link to help him find the Locks.[96]

Using his Power of Wind, Tulin is able to deactivate the five Locks. As he does so, he counts out to Link how many are left.[97][98][99][100] After all five Locks have been undone, Tulin directs Link back to the main deck.[101] When Link uses the Terminal this time, all pieces of the hatch will pull back. This causes a huge gust of Wind to rage from the ship, blowing both him and Tulin into the Sky. Tulin is able to stabilize his flight with his Power of Wind, flying alongside Link as he Skydives.

As the two dive back to the Wind Temple,[102] Colgera emerges from belowdeck. Tulin is able to determine that Colgera is the source of the Blizzard, declaring that they must defeat it.[103] During the battle, Tulin will give Link advice and offer encouragement.[104][105][106][107][108][109] He is also able to note whether their current tactics are having an effect on Colgera.[110][111][112] If Link is injured, Tulin will call out to him.[113] When Colgera uses certain attacks, Tulin is able to warn Link of them.[114][115][116][117]

After Colgera has been defeated, Tulin can be seen staring at the Secret Stone now present at the center of the deck, sensing a great power.[118][119] It suddenly shrinks in size and moves in front of him. When Tulin touches it, Light will envelop the two, and the Sage of Wind appears before them. Tulin recognizes that he was the one talking to him, and the Sage of Wind reveals that he is his distant ancestor.[5] He expresses his pride in Tulin's Power of Wind, and he reveals that Colgera was summoned by Demon King Ganondorf to prevent Tulin from obtaining his Secret Stone.[120] Hearing Tulin's confusion, the Sage of Wind decides to tell him the story of the Imprisoning War.[121]

After telling Tulin that he promised the Sage of Time that he successor would awaken to fight Demon King Ganondorf, the Sage of Wind urges him to take his Secret Stone and fight alongside Link.[122] The vision ends in another flash of Light, and Tulin becomes excited by the prospect of fighting the Demon King with Link and saving the world.[123] Fearing for the future, Tulin accepts the Secret Stone.[124] The Stone glows green as an inscription appears upon it, and it then adheres itself to Tulin's ankle. Declaring himself the new Sage of Wind, Tulin summons his Sage Avatar to show Link.[125] He asks for Link's hand, at which point he makes the Vow of Tulin, Sage of Wind.[126] Tulin informs Link that he will be able to call on his Power of Wind whenever he needs, and he then decides they should return to Rito Village and tell Teba what happened.[127]

A screenshot of Teba handing his Great Eagle Bow to Tulin at Revali's Landing.
Tulin receiving his Great Eagle Bow

Back in Rito Village, which is now no longer suffering from the Blizzard, Tulin and Link meet with Teba, Saki, and Harth at Revali's Landing. Harth congratulates their success, and Tulin comments that it was easy once Link came to help.[128] Both Saki and Tulin are shocked that the Stormwind Ark was real all along.[129] Teba takes the Great Eagle Bow from his back and presents it to Tulin as a reward for saving Rito Village.[130] Tulin is shocked due to how precious the Bow is to his father, but Teba reveals that he always planned on handing it down to him once he became a warrior.[131] Taking the Great Eagle Bow, Tulin thanks Teba and promises to prove his worthiness of it.[132]

Turning to Link, Tulin remarks how the Sage of Time in the vision they saw resembled Zelda, and he wonders if it was truly her.[133] Due to how long ago that vision occurred, he is unsure if that could be the case.[134] He decides to research the matter himself, promising Link he will have more information for him when he visits again.[135] He also reminds him of his Vow which allows them to keep working together through his Sage Avatar.[136] Following this, "Tulin of Rito Village" will be completed. If Link speaks to Tulin afterwards, he promises to keep up his training so that he can fight with Link when the time comes.[137] In addition, he claims he will continue searching for signs of Zelda in Hebra.[138]

The next time Link returns to Rito Village, he will find Tulin inside Teba's Home. When Link approaches Tulin, he will greet him.[139][140][141] He confirms that he has been looking for Zelda, and he promises to tell Link if he finds anything.[142] Harth has also had him searching through ancient literature on his behalf.[143][144] In one of the Books, he found a riddle that describes a treasure hidden in the center of the three Hot Springs in the Hebra Mountains.[145] He claims he has visited the Sturnida Secret Hot Spring to the northwest in the past, but he is unsure where the other two are located.[146] Despite this, he is still tempted by the prospect of treasure.[147] Afterwards, the "Treasure of the Secret Springs" Side Quest will begin.

When Link speaks to Tulin again after finding the Vah Medoh Divine Helm, he wonders what the treasure he read about could be.[148] Link then informs Tulin of his discovery, who commends him for solving the riddle.[149] He speculates that the Helm was meant to be worn by a Sage, but it is too heavy for him currently.[150] Tulin believes that if Link wears it, the power stored in it will strengthen their connection and help Link find Zelda.[151]

A screenshot of Tulin uses his Power of Wind to dispel a Gloom attack in the Throne Room of Hyrule Castle.
Tulin defending Link

During the "Crisis at Hyrule Castle" Main Quest, Tulin and the other Sages will appear to defend Link from Demon King Ganondorf in the Throne Room of Hyrule Castle.[152] Upon realizing that the Sages do not know who he is, the Demon King introduces himself and shows them "The Demon King's Army" Memory.[153] Following this vision, Tulin appears disoriented, and he can be seen resting on Yunobo's shoulder. After Demon King Ganondorf vanishes, Tulin questions whether that was the Demon King they heard of, and he is shocked that the Imprisoning War actually happened.[154] Riju reasons that he may not have fully regained his strength, and she decides they should all return to Lookout Landing to figure out their next step.[155]

Back at Lookout Landing, Tulin can be found talking to Harth near the Research Lab. Harth comments that Tulin has grown, but Tulin is annoyed to be treated like a child.[156] Despite this, Harth quietly recognizes that Tulin has been overworking himself due to the injuries on his wings.[157] When Link talks to Purah, the Sages join them. After hearing Purah's recap of what they learned, Tulin comments how he knew something was wrong with the Phantom Ganon impostor, since it was strange for Zelda not to offer them help.[158] He also reasons that many of the events associated with the Upheaval are a result of Demon King Ganondorf's return.[159] Sidon and Riju determine that Zelda created a plan to defeat the Demon King, and Tulin laments not being able to ask her what it is or fight alongside her.[160] While speaking to Purah, Tulin, Riju, and Sidon all realize that there were Six Sages during the Imprisoning War, but one is currently unaccounted for.[161] Since they all awakened at ruins from the ancient past, Purah and Riju direct them all to search similar ruins for signs of the fifth Sage.[162] Purah assigns each Sage their respective Region.[163] The Sages all nod in response before leaving Lookout Landing.

After Tulin has returned to Rito Village from Lookout Landing, he comments on Zelda being transported to the ancient past, and he resolves to keep looking into the fifth Sage.[164][165] If Link has completed "Guidance from Ages Past", he will inform Tulin of Mineru, though he struggles to understand how only her Spirit remains.[166] Deciding that they can count on her, Tulin realizes they will soon be fighting Demon King Ganondorf.[167][168]

A screenshot of Tulin using his Power of Wind to fight in Gloom's Lair.
Tulin at Gloom's Lair

If Link has awakened Tulin as a Sage before facing the Demon King's Army, he and the other Sages will come to Link's aid at Gloom's Lair. Tulin shoots an Arrow at a Bokoblin charging at Link, informing him that he does not need to fight on his own.[169] He then activates his Secret Stone, declaring that they are unstoppable when they fight together.[170] During the War in the Depths of Hyrule, Tulin will attack the Monsters alongside Link. When the Temple Bosses are summoned once again, Tulin and the other Sages stay behind to fight them as Link continues forward. Tulin assures Link that they will be fine, since they have already defeated the Bosses before.[171] While Link fights Demon King Ganondorf, Tulin is the first Sage to make it to Gloom's Origin and join the battle.[172] However, they are all knocked out when the Demon King unleashes a Gloom attack, leaving only Link standing. When Ganondorf transforms into the Demon Dragon, Tulin and the others shout as Link is swept up in its Gloom.[113]

In the secret post-Credits scene, Tulin can be seen at the Temple of Time alongside Link, Zelda, and the rest of the Sages. While following Mineru to the back, Tulin and Sidon stop to look down at Hyrule. When they reach the altar in the back, Mineru reveals that she wanted to show them all the view of Hyrule.[173] When Mineru begins to fade away, Tulin appears saddened, but he then signals Sidon, Link, Riju, and Yunobo to stand in formation behind Zelda. Together, the recite the Vow their ancestors made to Rauru when they became Sages, this time in support of Zelda.[174] However, they end up out of sync, which Tulin laughs at. Afterwards, they finish their Vow,[175] and Mineru thanks them all as she disappears.[176] Wanting to preserve the peace fought for in the past, Zelda asks everyone to stand by her side.[177] Tulin flies to Zelda, where he is joined by the other Sages, Link, and Purah.

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

During the "EX Searching Hyrule Forest" Scenario, which is exclusive to the Guardian of Remembrance Downloadable Content pack, Teba and Revali come upon Tulin while searching for the Rito child the latter spotted on the battlefield.[178][179] Tulin admits that he ended up turned around in the Lost Woods, much to his own shock.[180] While Teba is hesitant to leave Tulin alone,[181] a Rito Captain offers to watch him in his stead while he fights off the rest of the Monsters.[182]

While the Monsters are being defeated, Tulin compliments Revali's skills with a Bow, comparing him to the Revali he has heard of.[183] When Revali reveals his identity, Tulin will be amazed.[184] Teba asks Tulin if he has been safe while in the Lost Woods,[185] to which he reveals that several tiny creatures known as Koroks guided him to a safe place.[186] Tulin is thrilled to be able to watch Revali fighting in person,[187][188] which makes Revali proud to still be worshiped in the future.[189] Tulin also refuses to let himself be scared of the Monsters he sees.[190] When Revali expresses frustration at not knowing the way out of the Lost Woods without the help of Koroks,[191] Tulin reveals that they showed him the Hidden Passages earlier.[192] He is also able to read the Wind to determine where the Hidden Passages are located.[193]

A screenshot of Tulin speaking with Revali in the Lost Woods.
Tulin and Revali

In the "Hero Worship" Movie that plays after the Scenario ends, Tulin can be seen riding on Teba's back as the pair arrive at a camp. Teba urges Tulin to thank Revali for saving his life,[194] to which Tulin nods and runs over to express his gratitude.[195] Revali then remarks that Tulin is "pretty good for a little kid",[196] which surprises him.[197] Tulin excitedly thanks Revali again, confessing that the goal of his training is to be just like him and the he wants to master the Great Eagle Bow.[198]

Revali is confused as to how Tulin can be so happy when he was almost killed by Monsters, but he states that Tulin could potentially master the Wind like he has.[199] While Teba agrees, he believes that Tulin will need to surpass him before achieving such a goal.[200] In response, Tulin smugly remarks that he will do so eventually, mimicking Revali.[201] Revali initially acts offended by his impression,[202] though he soon after laughs alongside Teba and Tulin. Tulin then attempts to summon the Wind in a move he dubs Tulin's Tornado, though he becomes dizzy and falls back to the ground.[203] Revali notes that he still has much progress to make.[204]

During the "Fragments of Memory" Movie that is unlocked by completing the Guardian of Remembrance Downloadable Content pack, Tulin can be seen resting on Revali's lap at the Flight Range. Revali stops Tulin's blanket from flying off in the Wind, which amuses Teba.




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    "Huh?! But I thought I wasn't allowed." — Tulin (Tears of the Kingdom)
    "I got a report before coming here. We think it's likely that the blizzard is coming from inside that cloud after all. I want to see for myself as soon as I can, but the strong winds make any approach from the sides impossible. The only way is through the top, but... There's not a Rito alive capable of crossing this stormy sky and making it all the way there. Well. Except for one. I'm talking about you, Tulin. Only you have the skill and training to create gusts at will." — Harth (Tears of the Kingdom)
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