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Narrations are a mechanic in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.[1]


Narrations are one of two types of cutscenes that play during Scenarios, the other being Movies. They are stylized depictions of events, displayed in an aesthetic similar to the Screen of the Ancient Hero. They are voiced by King Rhoam until "Calamity Strikes". Starting from "Water and Fire (Part 1)", Zelda voices all further Narrations. They share their names with their respective Scenario. Once a Scenario is completed, its Narrations will appear on the Story menu in the Gallery.

The Guardian of Remembrance Downloadable Content pack adds nine new Narrations, which Purah and Robbie alternate voicing.

List of Narrations

Title Description
"The Battle of Hyrule Field" The Sheikah Slate conveyed the little Guardian's purpose. This anomalous visitor had traveled from a future of ruin⁠—a time in the midst of the Calamity⁠—to save Princess Zelda.
"Road to the Ancient Lab (Part 1)" Zelda, curious about the diminutive Guardian, decided to accompany Impa on her journey to Purah's research facility. With Link acting as bodyguard, they made their way to the Ancient Tech Lab.[note 1]
"Road to the Ancient Lab (Part 2)" To stop Calamity Ganon, it was crucial that they possess the sword that seals the darkness, the latent power dwelling within the princess of Hyrule, and the might of the four Divine Beasts unearthed from across the land.
"Mipha, the Zora Princess" The long-lived Zora, who could traverse rivers and lakes with ease, lived in Lanayru at a resplendent place dubbed Zora's Domain.
"Daruk, the Goron Hero" The rugged Gorons live in Goron City, a town carved into Death Mountain. They were forged in volcanic heat, their bodies as hard as stone.
"Revali, the Rito Warrior" The Rito resided in a settlement on the Tabantha Frontier. These feathery folk were blessed with the ability to glide along the wind, and they were adept with bow and arrow.
"Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief" The Gerudo lived in a settlement in the Gerudo Desert. Comprised entirely of woman, they were a tribe of great might and nobility.
"The Yiga Clan Attacks!" With that, the four Divine Beasts were assembled with their pilots. Training began in earnest, and the plan to defeat Hyrule's enemies began to coalesce.
"Freeing Korok Forest" The King issued his first order to the Divine Beast Pilots―seek out the knight who could wield the sword that seals the darkness. This would require that they vanquish the monsters in Korok Forest, where the legendary blade slept.
"The Road Home, Besieged (Part 1)" With the discovery of the knight who seals the darkness, hope spread among the people of Hyrule. Yet unease lingered in the princess's heart. No matter how much she devoted herself to training and research, doubts plagued her.
"The Road Home, Besieged (Part 2)" The pilots of the Divine Beasts and the knight with the key to defeating Calamity Ganon... In a grand ceremony, these five heroes convened, and King Rhoam bestowed upon each the title of Champion.
"Akkala Tower (Part 1)" As the pilots learned how to maipulate the arcane machinery of their Divine Beasts, Purah led a research expedition to the otherworldly edifice that had appeared on Hyrule Field.
"Akkala Tower (Part 2)" Zelda and the others had successfully activated the Central Tower. Under Purah's guidance, they embarked on a mission to restore the ancient structures all across Hyrule.
"Destroy the Yiga Clan! (Part 1)" Now that the network of Sheikah Towers had been restored in full, the Sheikah Slate bestowed upon Zelda's party detailed knowledge of all Hyrule.
"Destroy the Yiga Clan! (Part 2)" Using Purah's insights, Urbosa easily accomplished her mission. Thus were Zelda and the others witness to the immense capability of the Sheikah Towers.
"When Courage Fails" Records derived from the friendly Guardian indicated that Calamity Ganon would return on Zelda's 17th birthday. Desperate to preempt this grim future, King Rhoam ordered his daughter to train at the Spring of Courage.
"Calamity Strikes" All of the countermeasures to Calamity Ganon were in place―except one. The princess had not yet awakened her sealing power. In hopes of preventing her kingdom's destruction, Zelda resolved to train at the Spring of Wisdom.
"Water and Fire (Part 1)" Having witnessed images of the Divine Beasts under the control of Calamity Ganon, the party hurried to the Champions, praying it was not too late.
"Water and Fire (Part 2)" With Aid of Sidon and Yunobo, who had appeared within the Divine Beasts, Mipha and Daruk emerged from the battle unscathed.
"Air and Lightning (Part 1)" The time-traveling Guardian contained records with a depiction of the four Divine Beasts falling under the control of Calamity Ganon.
"Air and Lightning (Part 2)" With the aid of Teba and Riju, who had appeared within the Divine Beasts, Link and his forces were bolstered. Together, they successfully saved Revali and Urbosa.
"Relentless as a Waterfall" With the help of those who had traveled from beyond time, the fated party fought with all of their strength to fend off the unending waves of Guardians and monsters. Despite their efforts, Hyrule remained embroiled in a grueling battle...
"Each Step Like Thunder (Part 1)" Working together, they successfully recaptured the citadel. Shortly thereafter, they found Robbie, who had barely escaped from the laboratory after the Yiga Clan infiltrated its walls.
"Each Step Like Thunder (Part 2)" Urbosa and Riju took control of Vah Naboris, working to stem the never-ending flow of Guardians.
"The Great Plateau" At long last, Zelda's true power had awakened.
"All Hyrule, United" In an attempt to assuage the damage of Calamity Ganon, the Zora, Gorons, Rito, Gerudo, and Yiga Clan united with the remnants of King Rhoam's forces. All of them gathered their strength and assembled on Hyrule Field.
"The Future of Hyrule" Through their perseverance, Link and the others overcame the monster who had been revived by the Blood Moon, thus clearing the way to Hyrule Castle. Before them, their final confrontation awaited.
"EX To Zelda's Side (Part 1)" There was a plucky Guardian who traveled back in time, from a Hyrule devastated by Calamity Ganon's revival to a Hyrule that existed before that dark time.
"EX To Zelda's Side (Part 2)" As the two researchers made progress on their analysis of the time-traveling Guardian, they discover previously unknown recordings deep within.
"EX Battle of Goponga Village" As a war raged on, the threat of encroaching monsters loomed over Zora's Domain. To protect their home, Zora soldiers fought desperately in the Lanayru Wetlands to hold the monsters back.
"EX Battle for Kakariko Village" Daruk and Yunobo boarded Divine Beast Vah Rudania together and drove off a great swarm of Guardians from Eastern Hyrule.
"EX Searching Hyrule Forest" As war raged across all of Hyrule following the Calamity's revival, Revali spotted a young Rito who had wandered onto the battlefield, but he lost sight of the child amidst the chaos...
"EX Liberate the Ancient Lab" In the midst of the Calamity, the Royal Ancient Lab was captured by monsters, and the researchers were forced to flee. Urbosa and Riju bravely led troops to the lab in order to liberate it.
"EX The Princess and the King" Zelda, having escaped Hyrule Castle with the help of her father as it fell into Calamity Ganon's hands, rose with Link to rescue the Champions, still imprisoned in their Divine Beasts across Hyrule.
"EX The Yiga Clan's Retreat" After a counterattack by the Hyrulean army and those who had traveled from beyond time, the seer turned on the Yiga Clan and sacrificed its members as offerings in order to enhance Calamity Ganon's power even further.
"EX Guardian of Remembrance" The Guardian housing Ganon's Malice took a certain seer as its pawn in order to bring about the Calamity's revival, and through him joined forces with the Yiga Clan, continuing to increase the scope of its power.


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  1. Prior to Version 1.1.0, the end of the Narration was worded as "to Purah's research facility in Hateno."[2]


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