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This article is about the cutscenes in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. For the upcoming film, see The Legend of Zelda Live-Action Film.

Movies are a recurring mechanic in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2]


Hyrule Warriors

Movies are a variety of cutscenes that appear during Legend Mode. They can be rewatched from the View Cutscenes interface.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Movies are one of two types of cutscenes that play during Scenarios in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, the other being Narrations. Unlike Narrations, they are fully acted out scenes. After their respective Scenarios have been completed, Movies appear on the Story interface in the Gallery, where they can be rewatched at any time. The only exceptions to this are "Inevitable Betrayal" and "Terrako", which play after certain conditions have been met and appear in the Gallery afterwards. Select Movies have the option to reflect equipment, which will alter the Warriors' Attire and Weapons to reflect what they currently have equipped.

The Guardian of Remembrance Downloadable Content pack adds 11 new Movies.

List of Movies

Title Description

"Across Time"
Since ancient times, Calamity Ganon has threatened the land of Hyrule. As Hyrule Castle falls to his devastating assault, a lone Guardian reacts to Princess Zelda's desperate plea and embarks on a journey through time to save her.

"King on the Eve of Battle"
The king of Hyrule, preparing for the revival of Calamity Ganon, attempts to eliminate the monsters running rampant. Standing among the troops assembled for battle is the fateful knight Link.

"The Central Tower"
The mysterious Guardian that Link discovered during the battle reacts to the Sheikah Slate Impa has in her possession. Just as the Guardian reacts, a mysterious tower erupts from the ground.

"The Diminutive Guardian"
Impa racks her brain over the mysterious, diminutive Guardian and the tower that suddenly appeared. Meanwhile, the Guardian spots Hyrule Castle and, ignoring Impa's shouts, rushes toward it as fast as it can.

Link and Impa pursue the Guardian, arriving at Hyrule Castle and meeting Zelda. As Zelda expresses her joy at their safe return, the small Guardian dashes up to her, seemingly desperate to convey something.

In order to analyze the Guardian from the future, Zelda travels with Link and the others to the Royal Ancient Lab. On the way there, however, a Guardian goes berserk and attacks the party. At the same time, a horde of monsters appear and attack as well.

"A Hidden Observer"
After narrowly escaping the rampaging Guardian and the monsters, Zelda and the others celebrate their safety. Meanwhile, an ominous figure observes them from hiding.

"The Ruined Future"
Carefully analyzing the little Guardian from the future reveals it to be a completely new model built from unknown technology, and stored within it are detailed records of the events at Hyrule Castle after Calamity Ganon's revival.

Zelda, Link, Impa, and the others prepare to depart Hyrule Castle on orders from the king to recruit pilots for the Divine Beasts. The king stops them, however, when he recognizes the Guardian at Zelda's feet and gives her a stern admonition.

"The Looming Threat"
In order to recruit Mipha as a pilot for a Divine Beast, Zelda makes her case to Mipha's father, King Dorephan. The king refuses to permit Mipha to help, but the audience is cut short when monsters suddenly threaten Zora's Domain.

"Against the Lynel"
Discovering the young Prince Sidon standing up to a Lynel, the party quickly comes to his aid. The Lynel is undeterred by their arrival, brandishing a giant blade and releasing a terrifying roar.

"Ray of Hope"
The party rescues Sidon, but they have no time to rest before an even bigger horde of monsters appears. Comprehending the scale of the attack, Mipha and the others are at a loss for words until the little Guardian gives them a sliver of hope.

"Divine Beast Vah Ruta"
King Dorephan himself takes command of the forces defending Zora's Domain, but even under his guidance, they are backed into a corner by superior numbers. However, salvation arrives in the form of the Divine Beast Vah Ruta, piloted by Mipha.

"Mipha's Wishes"
After seeing Mipha use the power of the Divine Beast to defeat the Lynel and hold off the massive attacking horde, King Dorephan acknowledges Mipha's resolve and gives his approval for her to serve as the pilot of the Divine Beast.

"Reaching Vah Rudania"
Daruk agrees to become the pilot of a Divine Beast, but it is revealed that a swarm of monsters has overrun Death Mountain, the location of Vah Rudania. Daruk makes for the mountain with the rest of the party in tow.

"Divine Beast Vah Rudania"
The party somehow makes it to the peak of the mountain. Daruk, led by the small Guardian, climbs into Vah Rudania and engages the monsters swarming over Death Mountain in pitched battle.

"Daruk's Wishes"
Daruk mops up the monsters swarming over Death Mountain then reaffirms his intention to pilot the Divine Beast. With words of thanks to Link and the party, Daruk hands over a treasured gift.

"Into the Storm"
On the way to Rito Village, the party gets caught up in an intense snowstorm. Leaving Princess Zelda behind at a safe location, Link and the party set out to scout the area but quickly come into conflict with Rito warriors led by Revali.

Just as a fierce battle between Link and Revali is about to reach a violent conclusion, Princess Zelda intervenes. Both the snowstorm and the battle between the two warriors come to an abrupt end.

"Revali's Wishes"
Revali agrees to become a pilot for a Divine Beast but gets his feathers ruffled when he discovers that Link is the Princess's Knight. The little Guardian interjects, not in support of Link, but to assert that it is also a protector of the princess.

"Attack of the Gerudo!"
The party sets out for Gerudo Town to recruit their chief, Urbosa, as a pilot of a Divine Beast. However, they are unexpectedly attacked by the Gerudo. Zelda steels herself and attempts to learn Urbosa's true motives.

"Return of the Chief"
With Zelda in peril, the real Urbosa makes her appearance, and the imposter chief is revealed to be Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan. Kohga quickly summons reinforcements to the battle then abruptly leaves them to fight on their own.

"Slippery as a Banana Peel!"
Urbosa and the others manage to corner Master Kohga, but they're suddenly confronted by the Yiga Blademaster Sooga. Both Sooga and Kohga disappear, though the conflict with the Yiga Clan appears likely to continue.

"Urbosa's Wishes"
In order to protect both her own desert home and all of Hyrule, Urbosa agrees to become a pilot for a Divine Beast. She also offers words of comfort to Zelda, who is feeling a mounting pressure to fulfill her duty as the days pass.

"Plans for the Future"
Master Kohga and Sooga escape to their hideout. Waiting for them there is the mysterious seer Astor, as well as a black Guardian eerily similar to the model that has been accompanying Zelda.

"An Uneasy Heart"
Zelda has been successful in her recruiting mission, yet the king remains stern with her. Told to focus on her training now more than ever, Zelda tells the little Guardian of the insecurities she carries with her.

Zelda departs Hyrule Castle and sets out with the pilots for the Lanayru region, where they intend to train with the Divine Beasts. The party talks amongst themselves as they travel, but their progress is abruptly halted when the Yiga Clan appears, intent on taking Zelda's life.

Link and the others fight bravely in the intense battle and manage to rout Sooga and the Yiga Clan. Zelda offers Link gratitude for his protection, and finds herself slowly coming to trust him more and more.

"Divine Beast Vah Medoh"
In order to more easily secure the sword that seals the darkness, the Master Sword, the king of Hyrule orders all monsters within Korok Forest be eradicated. A plan centered around the Divine Beast Vah Medoh is made, but its pilot Revali, seems unsure about their leader.

"To the Lost Woods"
Thanks to the power of Vah Medoh, the monsters are cleared away, and the party is able to continue on to the Lost Woods. Unbeknownst to them, however, Astor, the Yiga Clan, and others have already infiltrated the forest depths.

"A Guide through the Mists"
Perhaps due to the monsters' influence, the Lost Woods in enveloped in a thick mist that obscures the surroundings. The party continues forward regardless, wary of enemy attacks, when they suddenly encounter Hestu the Korok.

"The Master Sword Emerges"
The party at last arrives in Korok Forest, but they find their way obstructed by Astor. Despite the confusion caused by the Hollows in the shape of his allies, Link unsheathes the sword that seals the darkness.

"The Knight Who Seals the Darkness"
With the Great Deku Tree's wait for the hero now complete, it passes along words of advice to Links, who wields the sword that seals the darkness. It also offers Zelda encouragement with awakening her power, before settling back into a deep slumber to nurse its wounds.

"A Song from the Past"
Witnessing the progress that Link and the pilots have made, Zelda in filled with worry and doubt about her own inability to succeed. The small Guardian notices this and attempts to bolster her spirits with a lullaby...

"Zelda's Wishes"
Link remains as steadfast and dedicated as ever, stronger now that he is armed with the sword that seals the darkness. Zelda doubts her own abilities by comparison, and Urbosa tries to put her worries to rest by reminding her of the Great Deku Tree's words.

"After the Ceremony"
The inauguration ceremony for Link and the four Champions who will pilot the Divine Beasts comes to an end, and everyone takes in the celebratory atmosphere. An amusing interaction between the little Guardian and the others is enough to ease Zelda's worries, if only a bit.

As Zelda prepares to depart and investigate the Central Tower, King Rhoam confronts her once again on where her focus lies. Zelda musters all of her courage to express her intentions to him, but...

As Zelda departs Hyrule Castle, Master Kohga and Sooga scheme with Astor about preventing the activation of the Sheikah Towers. Quietly, however, Sooga harbors his own doubts...

"The Sheikah Towers are Activated"
Guided by the little Guardian, Link presents the Sheikah Slate to the terminal of the Central Tower, causing the tower to activate and rise up into the air. At the same time, the towers in other regions also rise up. Purah observing this, cries out in excitement.

"A Game Changer"
Having successfully activated all of the Sheikah Towers, Zelda takes in the expansive view. Purah has been busy analyzing the functions of the tower and, after lauding their usefulness in the defense of Hyrule, declares her intention to demonstrate their value.

"Divine Beast Vah Naboris"
In the process of activating the Sheikah Towers in each region of Hyrule, the party learns valuable tactical knowledge, including the location of the Yiga Clan's hideout. Aiming to take them out in one fell swoop, Urbosa boards Vah Naboris.

"The Mighty Leader of the Yiga Clan!"
The party has finally managed to corner the Yiga Clan, but Master Kohga refuses to go down without a fight―for some reason, he appears incredibly confident. After taunting the party, Kohga rushes to battle, henchmen in tow.

"Assigning Blame"
Astor appears before the recently defeated Master Kohga, who is outraged that the Yiga Clan's promised victory did not come to pass. Astor simply smiles, stating that all is as it must be, and he warns the Yiga Clan not to oppose him

"March of Progress"
Having handled the Yiga Clan, Zelda and the party realize how truly valuable the Sheikah Towers are. Purah is eager to continue her research with her newly increased staff. Zelda offers her words of encouragement, though she remains troubled by her own lack of progress.

"The Calamity Revealed"
As analysis of the little Guardian from the future continues, it is discovered that the date of Calamity Ganons's revival is also that of Zelda's 17th birthday. With little time remaining, the king impresses upon Zelda the need for her to focus on her training and awaken her powers.

"A Shroud of Fear"
Knowing there is no going back, Zelda attempts to muster her conviction and motivate herself to move forward. The others can do nothing but watch as she frets over the chance that she will fail. Suddenly, a swarm of monsters attack.

"To the Very Last"
Using her knowledge of ancient technology, Zelda saves everyone from the monsters threat, though she tries once more to avoid taking credit. Impa impresses upon the princess the value of all she has done, and Zelda speaks of a renewed drive to fulfill her destiny.

"The Turning Point"
The Royal Ancient Lab completes its analysis of the little Guardian, but Robbie and Purah are abruptly attacked by Yiga Clan infiltrators. Purah entrusts the Sheikah Slate to the little Guardian, who flees the lab in search of Zelda.

"Calamity Strikes"
Accompanied by Link and Impa, Zelda sets out for the Spring of Wisdom on Mount Lanayru to train. She steels herself, knowing that this is her last chance to awaken her powers. At the moment Zelda crosses the bridge, Calamity Ganon suddenly revives and descends on the castle.

"Disastrous Interference"
On the way to their Divine Beasts, each of the Champions witnesses the sudden revival of Calamity Ganon. Matters are made worse as the Sheikah Towers simultaneously shut down due to Calamity Ganon's influence.

The Guardians, now under the control of Calamity Ganon, begin to attack Zelda, Link, and the others. Just as one has the princess and her protector in its sights, King Rhoam arrives to save them. The king reminds Link of his duty to the princess then remains behind as the pair flee the castle.

"In the Midst of Despair..."
Based on information from the little Guardian, Zelda learns that the Divine Beasts will also be taken over by Calamity Ganon. Frustrated by her own powerlessness, Zelda cries out in anguish. As her tears fall, the Guardian suddenly emits a strange light...

"Rescue Across Time: Water and Fire"
Mipha and Daruk both lock themselves in challenging battles against the powerful phantoms created by Calamity Ganon. Just as all seems to be lost, however, mysterious figures arrive from the most unexpected place to save them...

"Avatar of the Calamity: Waterblight Ganon"
Waterblight Ganon, a phantom created by Calamity Ganon within the Divine Beast Vah Ruta, pushes Mipha and Sidon to their limits. Nearly at the end of their strength, aid finally arrives to rescue them.

"Avatar of the Calamity: Fireblight Ganon"
Aboard the Divine Beast Vah Rudania, Daruk and Yunobo lock into a fierce battle with Fireblight Ganon, a phantom created by Calamity Ganon. Nearing the end of their strength and quickly losing hope, support finally arrives to rescue them.

"Counterattack: Water and Fire"
With the arrival of reinforcements, the party is able to subdue both Waterblight and Fireblight Ganon. There is little time to celebrate, however, as Zelda shares news of the fall of Hyrule Castle.

"Vah Rudania's Pilots"
Having heard the news of Hyrule Castle's fall to Calamity Ganon, Daruk takes Yunobo and boards the Divine Beast. Together, they hope to stop the horde of Guardians rapidly advancing on Eastern Hyrule.

"Rescue Across Time: Air and Lightning"
Revali and Urbosa are both locked into pitched battles against the powerful phantoms Calamity Ganon created. Just as all seems lost, however, mysterious figures from the most unlikely of places arrive to save them.

"Avatar of the Calamity: Thunderblight Ganon"
Urbosa and Riju find themselves pushed to their limits in their battle against Thunderblight Ganon aboard Vah Naboris. Fortunately, just as all seems lost, rescue finally arrives.

"Avatar of the Calamity: Windblight Ganon"
Revali and Teba fight bravely against Windblight Ganon aboard Vah Medoh, but it is clear they are in a losing battle. Things seem bad for the winged heroes, but rescue arrives just in the nick of time.

"Counterattack: Air and Lightning"
With the support of allies, the party subdues both Thunderblight and Windblight Ganon. There is little time to celebrate, however, as Zelda shares the news of the fall of Hyrule Castle.

"Vah Medoh's Pilots"
Having heard the news from Zelda of Hyrule Castle's fall, Revali takes Teba, and together they board Vah Medoh. The pair plan to use the power of the Divine Beast to halt the monsters and Guardians advancing on Western Hyrule.

"Wishes Made Manifest"
Sidon describes having been summoned by a voice, and Zelda realizes that the arrival of these new heroes is a result of the time-traveling abilities the little Guardian has. Zelda offers her thanks to the little Guardian, though she remains aware of her own shortcomings.

"Inevitable Betrayal"
Astor's plan to betray the Yiga Clan has been revealed. As he mercilessly sacrifices clan members to revive the Blight Ganons, Sooga and Master Kohga steel themselves to fight against him. Astor sicks a Hollow on the pair without hesitation.

"Despair and Hope"
Wave after wave of Guardians and monsters threaten to break through Akkala Citadel's formidable defenses. Many among the defenders worry that defeat is unavoidable. Robbie, however, is certain that rescue will arrive in time.

"With Vah Ruta"
Mipha and Sidon pilot the Divine Beast Van Ruta toward Akkala Citadel. Upon arrival, they discover the Hyrulean army in dire need of help. The siblings team up and hurry to join the battle!

"Sibling Bonds"
Breaking through the enemy's siege of Akkala Citadel, Zelda and the others enter the walls and reinforce the defenders. Aboard Vah Ruta, Mipha and Sidon cover their advance, and in a brief moment, Mipha expresses happiness at the kind of Zora her brother has become.

"Vah Naboris's Pilots"
As Zelda and the others travel to support Fort Hateno, Urbosa and Riju attempt to distract the Guardians that are surging forth from Hyrule Castle. The pair leap aboard Vah Naboris and throw themselves into a pitched battle.

"Champions United"
While the diversion was successful, a massive number of monsters emerge as night falls. Urbosa and Riju prepare themselves for the worst but are saved from that fate as the Champions from the other regions arrive to aid them.

"At Last, an Awakening"
Astor, who had orchestrated the attack on Fort Hateno, sets Blight Ganon's Phantoms on the party as revenge for their intervention. As Link struggles to hold them off, Zelda refuses to flee again, and her strong desire to save Link finally awakens the power she had long been seeking.

Zelda speaks to the soldiers gathered at Fort Hateno, projecting a renewed confidence that reflects her role as member of Hyrule's royal family. With spirits bolstered, Zelda takes the time to speak with one soldier in particular. The man turns out to be an unexpected guest...

"To the Great Plateau"
The party receives word that there are soldiers holed up on the Great Plateau. They must be helped, but traveling so far would be difficult and dangerous. Fortunately, Purah has a plan to make the trip much, much easier.

"A Wish that Is Granted"
A father and daughter reunite within the Temple of Time. Tears of joy flow easily from the princess, and her father looks upon her with a newfound warmth. He admits it was the relic she gave him that saved his live.

"Princess on the Eve of Battle"
Thanks to the newly improved Sheikah Towers, many soldiers from all across Hyrule have been able to gather together. Zelda stands at the vanguard and delivers a rousing speech to the assembled army.

"Blood Moon Rising"
The devastating barrage from the Divine Beasts strikes Calamity Ganon. Its defeat seems imminent until, suddenly, the skies turn red and the Blood Moon rises. Calamity Ganon and his minions recover, their power restored beneath the Blood Moon's light.

"Threads of Fate"
The party blazes a path through the battle, at last reaching Hyrule Castle. There they encounter Astor, as well as a Guardian eerily similar to the one that has stood by Zelda throughout her adventure. This new Guardian is black and seethes with Malice...

"The All-Consuming Calamity"
Astor and the black Guardian are on the brink of defeat, yet victory still eludes the heroes. As Astor attempts to command Calamity Ganon, the seer is instead consumed by Malice, allowing a new, terrifying form to emerge.

The party is stricken with grief as the little Guardian slumps to the ground. Even in its damaged state, the little Guardian tries to comfort Zelda, playing a gentle lullaby that stirs a memory in the princess...

"The Princess's Most Devoted Protector"
In the face of Calamity Ganon's devastating power, the party is pushed onto the defensive. As Zelda desperately fights to protect everyone, the little Guardian, now recognized as Terrako, musters every last ounce of its strength to deliver one final attack against Calamity Ganon.

"The Sealing Blow"
The knight uses the sword that seals the darkness to deliver a devastating slash. The princess uses her sealing power to imprison Calamity Ganon... Thus the legend is realized, and the battle against Calamity Ganon is ended. Peace returns once more to the land.

"Parting Ways"
The heroes who traveled across time return to their origins through the final remnants of Terrako's power. Zelda and the others bid them farewell and pray that the light stays with them in their world.

Using parts salvaged from all across the regions of Hyrule, Terrako is at last ready to be reactivated. As everyone looks on intently, Terrako's eye finally illuminates once and it plays a lullaby for her once again.

"The Journey Begins"
Responding to Zelda's thoughts, a single Guardian travels from the chaos of battle to a Hyrule before the Calamity's revival. But this small Guardian isn't the only thing that traveled through time to Hyrule's past...

"Hidden Memories"
After being defeated in battle and shut down, the Guardian meets its destiny when it is reactivated due to a chance encounter with Link. Deeply fascinated, Purah and Robbie peer into the memories extracted from the Guardian.

"Twice the Sidon"
Mipha joins forces with Sidon, who has traveled back from the future. Together, they managed to rescue endangered allies, but Mipha finds herself in danger when she's targeted by an unexpected monster attack. Rushing to her defense... is young Sidon from her own time.

"The Champion of the Future"
Thanks to Daruk and Yunobo's efforts, the threat to Kakariko Village passed. If only for a short while, tranquility returned. As a crowd of villagers cheers on the Goron heroes, Yunobo fondly recalls the person who taught him to be courageous.

"Hero Worship"
Revali and Teba enjoy a brief reprieve after rescuing Tulin. Teba is elated to see Tulin so overjoyed at meeting his idol face-to-face...and to see Revali smile about it, even while seeming unaffected by the child's enthusiasm.

"The Thunder Helm"
After a fierce battle, Urbosa and Riju are interrupted by Master Kohga's scheme to swipe the Thunder Helm. The hitch is that one such as Kohga shouldn't be able to handle the Helm of the Gerudo chief...

"The Aftermath of Survival"
After a harrowing battle , King Rhoam has exhausted the last of his strength. He is on the brink of defeat when Urbosa and her Gerudo warriors come to his rescue. Hearing that Zelda is searching for him, King Rhoam is filled with guilt as he thinks of his beloved daughter.

"Life Debt"
Sooga and Master Kohga flee their pursuers. As Sooga pushes forward with grave injuries, he recalls the day he met Master Kohga. With a debt of gratitude in his heart, Sooga musters the very last of his strength.

"Catalyst of the Calamity"
A group of disciples offer prayers to Calamity Ganon... As those around him collapse, unable to withstand to power of Malice, one disciple has an ecstatic vision of a future of devastation. He is the one called Astor, and from here, he will go on to oppose the Champions.

"Their Own Battle"
A Guardian repels a powerful enemy to protect someone precious to it. After witnessing this memory, Purah and Robbie head to the battlefield together to protect their friends and all of Hyrule.

"Fragments of Memory"
So many memories of friends who have stuck together through thick and thin... They may serve no practical purpose, yet they are indelibly etched in the little Guardian's memories as precious treasures.


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