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This article is about the Enemies in Tears of the Kingdom. For the Memory, see "The Demon King's Army".

The Demon King's Army is a Boss in Tears of the Kingdom.[1]


The Demon King's Army is a large group of Gloom-Wreathed Monsters. They can first be seen during "The Demon King's Army" Memory, which plays when Link and the Sages encounter Demon King Ganondorf in Hyrule Castle.[2] In the ancient past, the Demon King can be heard commanding his Army to attack Hyrule and its citizens.[3] Their invasion can be seen on one of the murals in the Forgotten Foundation.[4]

As part of the "Destroy Ganondorf" Main Quest, Link encounters the Demon King's Army at Gloom's Lair, which starts the War in the Depths of Hyrule. The Demon King's Army takes up the first four waves of the War. If Link has awakened any of the Sages, they will appear to help him fight against the Army.


Wave 1Wave 2Wave 3Wave 4


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