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Fireblight Ganon is a recurring Boss in The Legend of Zelda series.[4][5]


Breath of the Wild

Hyrule Compendium Entry
157 (162) Fireblight Ganon
BotW Hyrule Compendium Fireblight Ganon.png
This phantom of Ganon attacked the Divine Beast Vah Rudania and was responsible for the demise of the Champion Daruk. It attacks with a greatsword and fire magic.
Common Locations
Divine Beast Vah Rudania
Recoverable Materials

In Breath of the Wild, Fireblight Ganon is one of the four Blight Ganon, phantoms of Calamity Ganon that took control of the Divine Beasts.[6] It is found either inside the Divine Beast Vah Rudania or in the center of Hyrule Castle if it is not already defeated. Fireblight Ganon is responsible for the demise of Daruk.[7] It is particularly weak to Ice attacks.

First Phase

When Link tries to activate the Main Control Unit, a pool of Malice will spiral and create Fireblight Ganon. Then when the battle begins, Daruk says, "Watch out for the sword." If you play dirty like Windblight Ganon and keep your distance, Fireblight Ganon will throw tiny multiple fireballs. When close in contact, he'll try to hit you with your sword. If you dodge it perfectly, you'll get a Flurry Rush. If you get enough hits on him, Fireblight Ganon will be stunned for a bit. Once Link removes half of his health, Fireblight Ganon will teleport to the Main Control Unit with a flaming sword and a flaming shield. Now the second phase will begin!

Second Phase

During the Second phase of the fight, Fireblight Ganon will turn its sword to an orange-like color and he will have a flaming ball around him like Daruk's Protection. Daruk warns Link, saying, "That flaming ball is dangerous." This flaming ball can shield off every attack except for a Remote Bomb. However, this can only happen if Fireblight is creating a spiral wind pattern toward him. If successful, Fireblight Ganon will be stunned for short period of time allowing Link a good amount of hits in. In addition, Daruk will say, "Now's your chance." Once Fireblight gets up, he acts exactly like he did in the first phase.

When Fireblight Ganon is defeated, Link will receive a Heart Container as a reward. Daruk will appear and thank Link for freeing his spirit.[8] He will apologize to Link for failing to defeat Fireblight Ganon on his own.[9][10][11] As a reward, he will give Link Daruk's Protection.[12]

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Fireblight Ganon appears as the second Boss in the Scenario, "Water and Fire", following Waterblight Ganon. Fireblight Ganon appears more red than its appearance in Breath of the Wild. Fireblight Ganon attempts to kill Daruk like in Breath of the Wild, however, Daruk is saved by Yunobo.


ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
(ほのお)のカースガノン (Honō no Kāsu Ganon) (BotW)[14] 
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
火咒加儂 (Huǒ Zhòu Jiānóng) (BotW) 
The People's Republic of China
火咒盖侬 (Huǒ Zhòu Gàinóng) (BotW) 
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Ganons vuurfantoom (BotW | HWAoC)[16]Ganons fire phantom
Ombre de feu de Ganon (BotW) 
The French Republic
Ombre de feu de Ganon (BotW)[15]Ganon's fire shadow
The Federal Republic of Germany
Ganons Feuerfluch (BotW)[18] 
The Italian Republic
Ira del fuoco di Ganon (BotW)[13] 
The Republic of Korea
화염의 커스 가논 (Hwayeomui Keoseu Ganon) (BotW) 
The Russian Federation
Лже-Ганон Огня (Lzhe-Ganon Ognya) (BotW)[17] 
Latin America
Ira del fuego de Ganon (BotW)[19] 
The Kingdom of Spain
Ira del fuego de Ganon (BotW) 
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  1. The HP depends on when you face it. The first Blight fought in a Divine Beast has 800 HP, the second 1200 HP, the third 1600 HP, the fourth has 2000 HP and refights in the Illusory Realm have 1500 HP. Any Blights fought in the Sanctum always have 2000 HP


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