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Blaino is a recurring Boss and character in The Legend of Zelda series.[2][3] Blaino appears as a Guardian in Link's Awakening and as a minor character in Oracle of Seasons. Blaino is characterized by his boxing gloves and his fitting boxing-style he uses to fight Link in both his appearances.


Link's Awakening

Blaino first appears as the Guardian of Turtle Rock, the final Dungeon of Link's Awakening. Link can defeat him with only his Sword, but Blaino is capable of blocking Link's attacks with his gloves, making it impossible for Link to attack him head-on. Being punched by Blaino sends Link back to the entrance of the Dungeon. Although there are many Guardians in Turtle Rock, Blaino is the only one not to have appeared in previous Dungeons, and is therefore the Dungeon's true Guardian. As such, a portal to the entrance appears upon his defeat.

Oracle of Seasons

In Oracle of Seasons, Blaino becomes a regular character capable of speech. He lives within his boxing gym in North Horon, and will challenge Link to a boxing match for 10 Rupees.[4] The mini-game is won by knocking him out of the ring (or lost by getting knocked out of the ring) using only fists, as items (or rings) are not allowed.[5] If Link attempts to use an item during the minigame, the match will automatically end. As punishment, Blaino will raise the price of a match to 20 Rupees.[6] The prize for defeating Blaino is 30 Rupees.[7]

On his adventures, Link must win back Ricky's Gloves by defeating Blaino in a boxing match. The gloves belong to Ricky, who lost to Blaino in a boxing match, consequently losing his gloves to the boxing champion.[1]



ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
マイトパンチ (Maito Panchi) (LA)[10]Might Punch
The People's Republic of China
迈特拳 (Mài tè quán) (OoS)[11]Might Punch
The Italian Republic
Blaino (LA | LADX | OoS)[8][9]
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Other Names

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