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This article is about the Boss from The Minish Cap. For the recurring Enemy, see Gyorg; for the Boss in Majora's Mask, see Gyorg.

The Gyorg Pair is the collective name given to the Gyorg Female and Gyorg Male, the Bosses of the Palace of Winds in The Minish Cap.[3]


The Gyorg Pair appears at the end of the Palace of Winds at the Cloud Tops. The battle takes place mid-air, forcing Link to jump from one Gyorg to the other by using Roc's Cape. As soon as Link enters the battle room, he lands on the back of the Gyorg Male, who will deposit him onto the back of the Gyorg Female. Link must multiply by charging the White Sword in order to attack the multiple eyes of the Female. The Male will fire projectiles at Link to prevent this. While riding the Gyorg Male, he will attack with his tail to knock Link off. Eventually, the Gyorg Female will also release a swarm of green Gyorg children. Their defeat earns Link the Wind Element.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese グヨーグ オス・メス (Guyōgu Osu Mesu) Gyorg Male and Female
France FrenchEU Couple de Gyorg Gyorg Couple
Germany German Gyorg
Italy Italian Gyorg lui/lei Gyorg him/her
Spain SpanishEU Gyorg

Other Names

These names, though from official English sources, are not considered Canon by Zelda Wiki as they contradict a name or names from a higher-priority source.


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