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Jolene is a character in The Legend of Zelda series.(PH)[3][name references needed]


Phantom Hourglass

Jolene captains a Pirate Ship around the World of the Ocean King, keeping a vigilant eye out for her old friend Linebeck, with whom Link travels, so that she might get her revenge on him. She first appears after the young hero leaves Molida Island in pursuit of the Ghost Ship, at which point Linebeck gets an unsettling feeling about her nearby presence.[4] If she spots the SS Linebeck, she will attack and attempt to ambush it,[5] as Linebeck pleads for Link to navigate the ship to safety.[6] Jolene gives chase and will fire torpedoes to slow the heroes down.[7] If her ambush is successful, Jolene will board the SS Linebeck, where Link must battle her inside the ship's hull while Linebeck hides inside a wooden crate.[8] After eventually besting Jolene and knocking her sword to the ground, she shouts out some parting words and retreats.[9] Linebeck will reward Link with some Rupees, increasing the amount with each successive defense, beginning with a Blue Rupee and culminating with a Big Red Rupee.[10]

Following this battle, Jolene continues to sail the seas, often reappearing whenever the SS Linebeck enters a new quadrant. Her position is shown by an icon of her face on the Sea Chart. At one point in the game,[when?] Link is mistakenly given a Letter addressed from Jolene to her sister, Joanne, a woman who dresses up as a Mermaid and lives on Bannan Island. Link is asked by the Postman to deliver Jolene's Letter to its rightful recipient. Doing so prompts Joanne to reward him with a Wisdom Gem and, later, a Ship Part through the postal service. She also hints that Jolene simply enjoys pretending to be a Pirate just as Joanne does so as a Mermaid.[citation needed]

After Link returns the three Pure Metals to Zauz in order to forge the Phantom Sword, Jolene sends him a Letter asking for a final battle.[1] After Link defeats her, Linebeck will tell him the story of how he and Jolene met.

Linebeck, by accident, once saved Jolene from a monster when he was actually trying to escape.[11][12] This led Jolene and Linebeck to travel together,[13] until Linebeck stole a part of her treasure and ran away.[2] Since then, she has followed Linebeck around looking for revenge. However, according to Linebeck, the treasure he stole "wasn't even a good treasure."[14] Jolene herself says, after their final duel, that Link had "eyes like the man who captivated" her and tells Linebeck to "take notes."[15][16] This hints at a possible romantic attachment to Linebeck. Linebeck's apparent ignorance of this leads Ciela to call him "dense."[17]

Other Appearances

Phantom Hourglass (Himekawa)

In the Phantom Hourglass manga by Akira Himekawa, Jolene first appears when Link, Ciela, and Linebeck learn of Oshus's true identity and set sail to stop Bellum. Jolene boards their ship and attacks Link, mistaking him for Linebeck.[18] Jolene soon discovers his hiding place in a crate. She threatens him and he asks her what he did to her. Link rushes in and interrupts them, saying that they need Linebeck and asking her to delay her revenge.[19] Jolene suddenly notices Tetra and questions Link how she was turned to stone. Link informs her of his journey, while Linebeck uses the distraction to sneak out of the crate. Jolene glances at him out of the corner of her eye and attempts to stab him. Link asks what her relationship to Linebeck is, commenting that they "seem connected."[20] Jolene then tells him her past. Three years ago, on a small pirate ship, Jolene was attacked by a monster. Linebeck defeated the monster, though, according to him, it was an accident.[21] Jolene then asks him to join her, but soon, Linebeck snuck off alone with a treasure. At this point, Linebeck returns the treasure, which happens to be three-year-old squid jerky. Jolene tells him that the real reason she is so mad is that he left her. Ciela scolds Linebeck, telling him that he should try to be more sensitive to Jolene's feelings.[22] Jolene kicks Linebeck, telling him that she does not care about him. Linebeck apologizes, but Bellum appears and possesses him. Jolene leaves to find Zauz to forge the Phantom Sword. After Jolene leaves, Bellum tells Link that people who are feeling either friendship or love have more life force, and that is why it possessed Linebeck. After Link defeats Bellumbeck, Jolene arrives and gives Link the Phantom Sword. Link then rushes off to defeat Bellum.

Jolene is last seen directly before Link and Tetra are sent back to their world.


Jolene is a combination of the name "Jo" with the "-lene" suffix.[23]

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