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The World of the Ocean King is the setting in which most of the events of Phantom Hourglass take place.[1] It is home to the Ocean King as well as his spirits. It bears a striking resemblance to the Great Sea, and as such, Tetra and Link are not even aware that they are in another world during their adventures.[2] The World of the Ocean King is connected to the neighboring Great Sea by water.[3]


Although the name "World of the Ocean King" is implied by one of the Fairy spirits of the Ocean King, the sea of Phantom Hourglass has no verified name. The instruction manual, however, strictly hints that the sea in which Link and Tetra stumble upon is different from the Great Sea,[4] but the manual as well as the game do not give it an official name to go by.

History and Mythology

It is very likely that the World of the Ocean King was created by the Golden Goddesses, as their crests can be found in the Temple of the Ocean King.[5] The world used to be ruled by the Ocean King, Oshus, along with his servant Spirits. At some point, however, an evil entity known as Bellum began to absorb the Life Force of the inhabitants of this world's islands, which made him more powerful; the Ocean King tried to stop Bellum from continuing his evil deeds, but not only lost to him, he had to escape from his reach without his powers (and therefore losing his true form), while two of the servant Spirits were imprisoned inside dungeons. Ciela, the Spirit of Courage, managed to escape, but in the process lost her memories and her powers as well.

Meanwhile, Bellum continued absorbing the Life Force of the now defenseless inhabitants, with the assistance of a Ghost Ship that began lurking through the waters of the ocean. The Temple of the Ocean King, formerly a tribute to the titular King, began to remain cursed by Bellum, and is now a place that absorbs the Life Force of anyone venturing within. It is not until the arrival of Link, who fails to rescue Tetra when (due to her powerful Life Force) she is abducted by the Ghost Ship, when there is a possibility to revert the situation, first by rescuing the captured servant Spirits, then by lifting the curse of the Ghost Ship (and rescuing Tetra in the process), and finally by preparing a weapon capable of defeating Bellum once and for all.

Time in the World of the Ocean King appears to flow at a much faster rate than in the Great Sea, as the time between Link and Tetra's arrival and departure was about ten minutes in the latter.[6]


As in the case of the Great Sea, there is little political division, especially after the apparent disappearance of the Ocean King. Neither island in the Southwestern Sea is governed, and the Northwestern Sea is actually uninhabited with few exceptions. Only in the Southeastern Sea there are governed islands (Goron Island by a Goron Elder, and Isle of Frost by an Anouki chieftain); lastly, the Northeastern Sea used to be ruled by the Cobble kingdom (a King and four Knights), until they went extinct for unknown reasons.


The World of the Ocean King primarily uses Rupees as its medium of exchange between inhabitants. Rupees seem to be more abundant here in comparison to other theaters of adventure. Unsurprisingly, the largest Wallet thus far is utilized here. Much like Hyrule and other lands, trading also seems to be acceptable to acquire new goods.

Technology in the World of the Ocean King

Although not to the same extent as the Great Sea, the World of the Ocean King has shown some technological advances, mostly involving transportation (see SS Linebeck).


Much like the Great Sea, the overall area is water-covered, and primary transportation is via ship. The Islands have little difference in landscape features and consist of mostly grassy jagged surfaces. The inhabitants have bridges and stairs built, leaving few places inaccessible without other means. Despite being vastly similar, the islands that are found throughout the World of the Ocean King have different climates and landmarks from one another. Examples include the Isle of Ember, which is dominated by an active volcano, the frozen Isle of Frost, and the arid and rugged terrain of Goron Island.



The World of the Ocean King is known to have sixteen islands:

Southwestern Sea

Northwestern Sea

Southeastern Sea

Northeastern Sea



The predominant inhabitants of the islands seem to be humans. The main villages are on Mercay and Molida Islands, although others can be found throughout the four quadrants of the sea. Gorons inhabit an island of the same name, as well as Dee Ess Island; the Anouki and Yook share the Isle of Frost; and a seemingly extinct race, the Cobble, have elaborate ruins in the Northeastern Seas.


Main article: Enemies

As with its closest counterpart, the Great Sea, these seas and islands are treacherous for travelers. Many of the series's familiar enemies return. Link's most notable new foe are the Phantoms.

Unlike the Great Sea, the waters of the World of the Ocean King are home to numerous Fish. These include Skippyjacks, Toona, Loovar, Stowfishes, Rusty Swordfish, and the legendary Neptoona.



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