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The Isle of Gust is a location in Phantom Hourglass.[name references needed] It is a large island located in the center of the Northwestern Sea.

Features and Overview

Link struggles against strong winds at the Isle of Gust

The island plays home to the Temple of Wind and the Spirit of Wisdom, Neri. As its name suggests, this island is plagued with high winds and sudden strong gusts, making battling and getting around trickier than on other islands. In order to gain access to the Temple, Link must first navigate through the windy, Miniblin-infested southern portion of the island; to succeed, he must take advantage of the wind gusts (and the breaks in between them) to make perilous jumps across small sections of land, and make use of the Shovel to find Updrafts in the ground which let him reach spots that are inaccessible otherwise. Once in the northern portion, Link gains access to a desert area with numerous windmills installed. The young hero must to locate the three "Sacred Windmills" as designated by a Sign elsewhere on the island, and activate them by blowing on them, while avoiding Sandworms that lurk beneath the ground. Doing this will deactivate the gusts of wind that block access to the Temple.

Hidden away on the island are numerous treasures: a Courage Gem, a Wisdom Gem, a Power Gem, and two Treasure Maps.



Names in Other Regions
風の島 (Kaze no Shima)[2]
Ile des Vents[6]
The French Republic
Ile du Vent[4]
The Federal Republic of Germany
Insel des Windes[3]
The Italian Republic
Isola Folata[1]
Latin America
Isla del Viento[5]
The Kingdom of Spain
Isla del Viento
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