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Spirit Island is a hidden island in Phantom Hourglass.

Features and Overview

Spirit Island is located in the southwest corner of the Southwestern Sea quadrant, in the middle of triangle of rocks south of Molida Island, where a Boing Statue hints at its existence.[1] It does not appear on Link's Sea Chart until he sails close enough for Ciela to spot it and mark its location.[2] The island is smaller than most other islands of the World of the Ocean King, and is made up of two sections separated by a channel of water. The west section, where the Dock is located, contains a Mailbox followed by a small, Grass-covered field with several Rocks and Red Chuchus. To the north is a Cave containing a shrine.

Right next to the channel of water that separates the two main sections of the island is a Treasure Chest containing a Courage Gem. The east section of the island cannot be accessed until Link obtains the Grappling Hook in the Temple of Ice, in order to cross the channel. The east section and is made up of several stacks of land crawling with Octoroks, Like Likes, and Rupee Likes. If Link successfully navigates the area and reaches the highest point, he will come to a Treasure Chest containing a Power Gem.

The Shrine at Spirit Island

The Shrine at Spirit Island[3] is a Cave containing a spring that is home to the servant to the goddess of Spirits.[4] Long ago, the servant Spirits came here in search of the power to defeat evil, and used Spirit Gems to gain the power they required.[3] Inside, just a few steps from the entrance, is a door, and just beyond it, a small staircase. On either side of the staircase is a Stone Tablet; the one on the left explaining how many Spirit Gems are required to power up a spirit, and the one on the right explaining how to change which spirit is equipped. At the top of the staircase is a path lined with Torches that leads to the spring.

When Link first arrives at the spring, the servant to the goddess of Spirits will explain that it has been waiting for his arrival,[4] before explaining that the servant Spirits have not yet recovered their full strength. In order to restore their power, Link must collect the Spirit Gems that are scattered around the world and bring them to the spring.[5] Upon presenting 10 of the same Spirit Gem, the corresponding spirit's powers will be advanced.[6] Leaf, the Spirit of Power, will cause Link's Sword to burn with flames and enhance its strength.[7] Neri, the Spirit of Wisdom, will halve the amount of damage taken and enhance the Shield to stun some Enemies.[8] Ciela, the Spirit of Courage, enhances the Sword, allowing it to shoot Sword Beams with every slash.[9] Upon presenting 20 Gems, the spirits will fully realize their power, causing their abilities to become more effective.[10] Once Link has found all 60 Spirit Gems and presents them to the servant, the servant will tell Link that it cannot do anything more for the young hero.[11]



Names in Other Regions
ほこらの島 (Hokora no Shima)[13]
Ile des Esprits
The French Republic
Ile des Esprits[15]
The Federal Republic of Germany
Insel der Lichtgeister[14]
The Italian Republic
Isola degli spiriti[12]
Latin America
Isla de los Espíritus[16]
The Kingdom of Spain
Isla de los Espíritus
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