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Southeastern Sea is a location in Phantom Hourglass.[1]

Features and Overview

The Southeastern Sea is a quadrant in the World of the Ocean King located in the southeast.

The Southeastern Sea contains Dee Ess Island, Goron Island, Harrow Island, Isle of Frost, and the Ho Ho Tribe's Traveler's Ship.

Beedle's Shop Ship can occasionally be found wandering the waters of the Southwestern Sea, though it will eventually leave for another quadrant of the World of the Ocean King. After obtaining the Cyclone Slate, Link can speak to two Golden Frogs, one north of Dee Ess Island and one northwest of the Isle of Frost, to learn the corresponding symbols that allow him to Warp to those locations.[2]

Once Jolene has been encountered in the Southwestern Sea, the SS Linebeck has a chance of running into her in all quadrants of the World of the Ocean King, including the Southeastern Sea.




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