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Mercay Island is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2][3]

Features and Overview

Phantom Hourglass

Mercay Island is an Island located in the Southwestern Sea of the World of the Ocean King. It is the home of the Temple of the Ocean King as well as Mercay Village, a port town located on its southeastern coast. It has recently been victim to various disasters such as earthquakes and increased Monster sightings.[4][5]

After losing Tetra to the Ghost Ship, Link finds himself lost on Mercay Island's southwestern beach. He is awoken by Ciela,[6] a curious Fairy who offers to help him find the Ghost Ship with the help of her "grandfather", Oshus.[7][8] With Oshus's guidance, Link and Ciela find Linebeck and embark on their journey to chase the Ghost Ship to rescue Tetra.[9]

Mercay Island is divided into two halves where people have taken root. Oshus, Lapelli, and Apricot reside on its western half, which hosts farmland and a beach. A stone bridge connects this settlement to Mercay Village. However, this bridge is prone to breaking every time a significant earthquake strikes the Island and people are forced to take the dangerous Mountain Passage to the north instead.[10] Despite Oshus's warnings, Link and Ciela steal their way into Oshus's Storehouse near Oshus's House and retrieve his Sword in order to reach the port when an earthquake destroys the bridge to Mercay Village.

Due to the recent earthquakes, Boulders have fallen into Lapelli's garden.[11] He asks for Link's help to remove them and rewards him with a single Green Rupee for his efforts.[12][13] After receiving a dirty look from Link for such a cheap reward, he offers information on where Link can find a Big Green Rupee in the North Woods.[14][15]

The road north of Oshus's House features several Monsters as well as a Boing Statue. The Boing Statue teaches Link how to perform a Somersault and tells him to perform it on the Big Tree beside it.[16] Doing so will cause a Red Rupee to fall from the Big Tree. A group of five Fellable Tree block the entrance to the Mountain Passage along this road.

Mercay Village sits at the end of the Mountain Passage. In addition to its port it features the Mercay Island Shop, the Mercay Tavern, the Shipyard, and the Treasure Teller. The North Woods sit between Mercay Village and the Temple of the Ocean King. In these Woods, Link can find the musician Freedle and the Mercay Bomb Caverns.

After Linebeck is rescued from the Temple of the Ocean King: 1F, Gazpacho successfully repairs the bridge connecting the Island.[17]




Breath of the Wild

Mercay Island is located in the Lanayru Wetlands in Breath of the Wild.




Tears of the Kingdom

Mercay Island reappears in Tears of the Kingdom. Due to the Upheaval, the Lanayru Wetlands Chasm has formed on the Island. Fallen Debris has also settled on the Island after falling from the Sky. Ruins Rubble can occasionally be seen falling from the Sky here as well. Hyrule Restoration Materials can now be found on the northeastern side of the Island.

The Hylian traveler Spoone can be seen visiting Mercay Island with his Donkey. He informs Link of the Lanayru Wetlands Chasm and speculates that new forms of flora and fauna could be found at the bottom of the Chasm.[18] He expresses his interest to explore, but laments that it would be a life-threatening endeavor.[19] After stopping to observe the Chasm, he leaves the Island.[20] Addison can also be found atop the stony hill attempting to set up one of his Signboards.






Treasure Chests

Treasure Chest
1724, 0094, 0013

Inside the Monster Outpost

Treasure ChestContentsCoordinatesNotes
1724, 0094, 0013

Inside the Monster Outpost


Mercay Island is named after the Mercator projection, a technique for displaying maps. Similarly, Molida Island is named after the Mollweide projection.[21]

ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
  • メルカ島 (Meruka Shima) (PH)[23]
  • メルカ島 (Meruka Tō) (BotW)
  • Meruka Island
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Mercay (BotW)[29]Mercay
Ile Mercay (PH)[28] 
The French Republic
Ile Melka (PH)[25] 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Insel Melka (PH)[24] 
The Italian Republic
Isola Melka (PH)[22] 
Latin America
Isla Mercay (PH | BotW)[27]Same as English.
The Kingdom of Spain
Isla Mercay (PH)[26] 
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