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Mercay Tavern is a location in Phantom Hourglass.

Features and Overview

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Situated in Mercay Island, the tavern serves as a Milk Bar where citizens from the island can go in to take a glass of milk and relax.[1][2] It is said that Linebeck, the captain of the SS Linebeck, goes to the milk bar often when he docks at the island,[3] although at the moment its most frequent customer is an old man, Maltza, who is hiding from his elderly wife, Tuzi.

At the beginning of the game, Link must go to the Mercay Tavern to learn of Linebeck's whereabouts as well as learn information about the Temple of the Ocean King from Maltza and the bartender, Midori.

Later on, Link must solve a puzzle involving a Tribal Head Statue where he must shine a beam parallel between the Temple of the Ocean King and Mercay Tavern.[4] Solving the puzzle eventually leads to a Courage Gem and Freedle. Moreover, towards the end,[clarification needed] Link can talk to Midori to receive a Power Gem from him, which he says was left by Oshus for Link.[5]

Interestingly, a picture of Tingle hangs on the wall, as well as a map that shows the location of Freedle on the island.


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