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Telma's Bar is a location in Twilight Princess.[1] It is a tavern in Hyrule Castle Town owned by Telma,[2] a brave and kind-hearted woman who plays a key role as she helps Link and Ilia throughout the young hero's quest.

Features and Overview

Telma's Bar is a small, out-of-the-way hangout located down the southernmost alleyway of the Hyrule Castle Town South Road. It is reputed to be popular amongst soldiers and traveling swordsmen alike.[3][4] A passageway that leads to the Castle's Waterway can be accessed from the bar as well.[5] Telma's Bar is also the main hangout for The Resistance, a cadre of vigilantes working to restore peace to Hyrule.[6]

Link first visits Telma's Bar while the Lanayru Province is covered in Twilight. Here, he finds that Ilia has been staying with Telma after King Bulblin kidnapped her from the Ordona Province, and has been caring for the injured Ralis, whom she found collapsed in the road and brought to the Bar.[7] After returning light to the area, Link arrives at the Bar just in time to witness the Dr. Borville, Hyrule Castle Town's doctor, refusing to treat Prince Ralis, saying that Zoras are beyond his expertise.[8] Just then, Telma is reminded of a shaman in Kakariko Village who has treated both Zoras and Gorons, and after the Hylian Soldiers cowardly refuse to escort them to the Eldin Province, Telma notices that Link is up to the task.[9][10] Although Link tries to talk to Ilia in the Bar, Telma informs him that the young girl has lost her memory.[7]

If Link enters the Bar after taking Telma, Ilia, and Prince Ralis to Kakariko Village, the Resistance will be found inside, but will treat him harshly.[11][12] After Zant steals the Fused Shadows and curses both Link and Midna, the young hero must traverse the loft of the Bar as a Wolf in order to access the Castle's Waterway and reach Princess Zelda to save the dying Midna, where he will be able to overhear the Resistance talking about Link and considering apologizing for their previous behavior.[13] Should Link try to enter the main floor of the Bar as a Wolf, he will be promptly kicked out by the Goron inside.

Once Link withdraws the Master Sword from the Sacred Grove, Telma returns to her Bar and sends Link a letter informing him that her friends have arrived. Here, the members of the Resistance will properly introduce themselves and apologize for their earlier behavior.[14][15] Each of them will help him locate a different Shard of the Mirror of Twilight, and the young hero will be able to return to the Bar at any time to receive clues from them as to where to go next to find the missing Mirror Shards.

Later on in the game, Link must once again return to the Bar and show Telma Renado's Letter, which details how to help recover Ilia's memory. After reading the Letter, Telma gives the Invoice to Link, instructing him to give it to Dr. Borville.

The Bar is last seen during the ending credits, where the Soldiers celebrate the return of peace to Hyrule.


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