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Take 'Em All On! is a Minigame in Spirit Tracks.[1]

Location and Rules

The mini-game is run in Castle Town by a girl named Joynas. The objective is to defeat all the enemies in the room and continue to the next one. This repeats until Link reaches the end, at which point he faces a boss. For each level of difficulty, a different prize awaits after Link beats the last room. For Level 1, Joynas will reward him with a Heart Container, for Level 2 a Bomb Bag upgrade, and for Level 3 either a Regal Ring or an Alchemy Stone.

Level 1 is only available after completing the Forest Temple, Level 2 after completing the Ocean Temple, and Level 3 after completing the Sand Temple. Although Link can use his arsenal of tools and weapons during the majority of the fights, there are a few battles in which his options are limited.


Level 1

  1. Spinut ×6
  2. Octorok ×7
  3. Rat ×5, Bubble ×4
  4. Red ChuChu ×6
  5. Blastworm ×6
  6. Keese ×6
  7. Mothula ×2
  8. Octorok ×3, Spinut ×3
  9. Octorok ×4, Spinut ×4, Red ChuChu ×4
  10. Stagnox

Level 2

  1. Spinut ×6, Keese ×6
  2. White Wolfos ×4
  3. Mini Freezard ×6
  4. Ice ChuChu ×5
  5. Geozard ×2
  6. Stagnox
  7. Rat ×20
  8. Octive ×4
  9. Geozard Chief (there are four rectangular holes on the floor)
  10. Fraaz
  11. Snapper ×2
  12. Green Spinut ×16
  13. Octorok ×11 (the Octoroks have been positioned so that they continuously fire rocks from the left and right sides of the screen)
  14. Phytops

Level 3

  1. Helmet ChuChu ×4, Purple ChuChu ×4
  2. Green Spinut ×16 (the floor is made of ice)
  3. Stalfos ×6
  4. Fire Keese ×6, Ice Keese ×7
  5. Big Blin ×3
  6. Stalfos Warrior ×6
  7. Gerune ×5
  8. Ergtorok ×5
  9. Heatoise ×4, Moldola ×2
  10. Mini Freezard ×12 (the floor is made of ice)
  11. Stagnox
  12. Fraaz
  13. Phytops
  14. Cragma
  15. Skeldritch
  16. Dark Link



ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
À l'assaut![6]On the assault!
The French Republic
l'assaut incessant[4]Endless assault
The Federal Republic of Germany
Einer gegen alle[3]One against all
The Italian Republic
Nemicattacco[2]Enemy Attack
Latin America
¡Al ataque![5]Let's attack!
The Kingdom of Spain
¡A por ellos![7]After them!
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