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The Happy Mask Shop is a location in Ocarina of Time.[1]

Features and Overview

The Happy Mask Shop is located in the Market during the past. It only opens after Link gives Zelda's Letter to the Death Mountain Trail Gatekeeper in Kakariko Village.[2] Link can also enter the Shop before it opens, only finding inside a bearded man who wonders when will it open.[3]

Instead of selling the Masks, the Happy Mask Shop hires Link to become a "happiness salesman."[4] The Shop loans a Mask to Link so that he can sell it to other people. Link must then pay back the money to the Shop, which will in return lend him a newer model to sell. Link can borrow Masks that he has already sold, but each model can only be sold once.[5]

At first, the Happy Mask Shop only has the Keaton Mask in stock. If Link manages to complete the Mask Trading Sequence and sell all of the first four Masks, the Happy Mask Shop Owner will reward him with the Mask of Truth, which grants the ability to speak to Gossip Stones.[6] Moreover, the Happy Mask Shop will put up three new Mask models.[7]

During the future, the Happy Mask Shop is destroyed and abandoned.


Names in Other Regions
The People's Republic of China
欢乐面具店 (Huānlè miànjù diàn) (OoT)[9] 
The Italian Republic
Negozio delle maschere della felicità (OoT3D)[8]Masks of happiness shop
Latin America
La Máscara Feliz (OoT3D)The Happy Mask
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