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The Isle of Ember is a location in Phantom Hourglass.[1]

Features and Overview

Situated in the southeast area of the Southwestern Sea, the Isle of Ember is Link's and Linebeck's first destination upon setting out from Mercay Island on their adventure. The Island is home to a Fortune Teller named Astrid, who Link hopes can help him locate the Ghost Ship.[2] It is also where the first Dungeon, the Temple of Fire, is located.

The Isle of Ember is a large volcano with concentric rings leading up to its crater, though the path to the upper rings is blocked by an electrified door.[3] Three houses are found near the Dock on the Island's west side; Astrid's House, one belonging to her assistant, Kayo, and one that appears empty. The west side of the Island has relatively few monsters, while many Chuchus, Tektites and Crows roam the east side.

Upon entering Astrid's House, Link finds that her basement is crawling with Octoroks, and Astrid, who took refuge in a locked room when the Ghost Ship came around several days prior,[4] has become trapped inside.[5] Link must shout through the door to speak to Astrid,[6] who informs him that only Kayo knows the method to unlocking the door.[7] Link searches the Isle of Ember for Kayo, only to discover that he has perished; his remains are found at the farthest-east point of the Island.[8] Kayo's ghost, which initially terrifies Ciela,[9][10] speaks to the heroes to reveal that they must locate the three Torches on the Island, then touch those locations on a map inside Astrid's House to free the Fortune Teller.[11] One Torch is just east of Kayo's remains, one is near the Island's northernmost point, and the third is inside Kayo's house.

Once Astrid is freed, she holds a fortune-reading for the heroes, where Link learns he must journey into the Temple of Fire to "defeat the power of darkness" and break the seal imprisoning the Spirit of Power.[12] The electric barrier on the door to the summit path is removed,[13] but as Link begins to ascend the volcano, it suddenly erupts, causing Falling Rocks to fall from the sky. Once he reaches the Temple's entrance, he must open the door by blowing out a large candle on each side; this is done by blowing into the Nintendo DS microphone as Link stands before them.[14] The Temple of Fire holds the Boomerang, and defeating its Boss releases the Spirit of Power, a Fairy known as Leaf.[15]

Ojibe of Mercay Island claims that the Isle of Ember is revered as a place of prophetic power.[16] Several of the Trees in the north and east areas produce Red Rupees when Link Rolls into them. On a tiny, secluded island in the northwest area, accessible only with the Grappling Hook, he can find a Treasure Chest containing a Courage Gem. Link can also receive a Power Gem and a Wisdom Gem by returning to speak to Astrid after he completes the Temple of Fire and the Temple of Wind, respectively. In addition, two Treasure Maps can be unearthed from the Isle of Ember using the Shovel.


Minor Enemies and Traps

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chest

At the Volcano Summit, west of the Temple of Fire entrance.

Treasure Chest

On a tiny, secluded island in the northwest. Requires the Grappling Hook.

Treasure ChestContentsNotes

At the Volcano Summit, west of the Temple of Fire entrance.

On a tiny, secluded island in the northwest. Requires the Grappling Hook.


Names in Other Regions
火の島 (Hi no Shima)[18]
The French Republic
Ile du Feu[20]
Ile du Feu
The Federal Republic of Germany
Insel des Feuers[19]
The Italian Republic
Isola Tizzone[17]
Latin America
Isla del Fuego[21]
The Kingdom of Spain
Isla del Fuego
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