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Not to be confused with Electric Chuchu.

Yellow Chuchus,(MM | TWW | TP | PH | ST | SS | HWL)[1][2] also known as Yellow Chus,(TP)[1] are recurring Enemies in The Legend of Zelda series.[name references needed]


Majora's Mask

Tatl's Commenthide ▲
Tatl says:

It's a Yellow Chuchu. That's nothing to sweat about. It usually has something in its stomach that's of use...

In Majora's Mask, Yellow Chuchus are behaviorally identical to other Chuchus. However, Yellow Chuchus exclusively drop Arrows as their item, and can often be found in areas where Arrows are necessary, such as certain puzzles or Mini-Bosses.

The Wind Waker

Tingle's Commentshide ▲
Tingle says:

It's a wiggly-giggly Yellow ChuChu! You'll get shocked if you cut it with your sword! Stun him with your Boomerang, perhaps? You might try a Tingle Bomb as well!

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After obtaining the Bow

It's a wiggly-giggly Yellow ChuChu! If you hack it with the sword, you'll go numb! But you can bring it down easily with an arrow! Or use a Tingle Bomb!

Yellow Chuchus reappear in The Wind Waker, being found in Pawprint Isle and the Tower of the Gods, as well as other locations. Unlike their Majora's Mask incarnation, they emit Electricity that shocks Link if he attacks them with his Sword. They must be stunned with the Boomerang, Bombs, Tingle Bombs, or Arrows from the Hero's Bow.

Twilight Princess

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In Twilight Princess, Yellow Chus are Enemies that, upon being defeated, drop Yellow Chu Jellies that can be scooped up by Link with a Empty Bottle or Lantern to fully refill the Lantern with Lantern Oil. They cannot electrocute Link.

Phantom Hourglass

Yellow Chuchus take on their appearance from The Wind Waker once more, taking on the property of Electricity. They periodically discharge Electricity, and are only vulnerable to Link's Sword in between these bursts, as they will electrocute Link if struck otherwise. Their cousins, Blue Chuchus, are similar, though these are constantly electrocuted.

Spirit Tracks

In Spirit Tracks, Yellow Chuchus once again have the same appearance as The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass, even acting the same as those games. Metal Chuchus take the Blue Chuchus's place of being the constantly electrocuted cousins to them.

Skyward Sword

Fi's Commenthide ▲
Fi says:

Target lock: Yellow Chuchu

Yellow Chuchus are capable of generating electricity for short bursts of time. As with other Chuchus, I suggest you remain on guard.

If you make contact with this type of Chuchu when it is charged, it will give you a shock. Then it will attempt to feed on you. This is not pleasant.

Like some of their previous incarnations, Yellow Chuchus are electrically charged, and will occasionally attempt to envelop Link in an attempt to electrocute him. They cannot be struck while electrocuted, and are immune to stabbing attacks, requiring slashes to divide them. Like other ChuChus, they are especially vulnerable to Bombs and Bomb Flowers, which they will try to consume, only to have them detonate inside of them. They are common in Electricity-themed areas, such as the Lanayru Desert and Lanayru Mining Facility.

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors Legends


Names in Other Regions
黄チュチュ (Ki Chuchu) (SS)[5] 
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Gele Chuchu (SSHD)[8]Same as English.
The French Republic
Chuchu jaune (SSHD)[7]Same as English.
The Federal Republic of Germany
Gelber Schleim (SSHD)[6]Yellow slime
The Italian Republic
  • ChuChu (Giallo) (MM | TWW)[4]
  • Chuchu giallo (MM3D)[3]
  • ChuChu (Yellow)
  • Yellow chuchu
The Kingdom of Spain
Chuchu amarillo (SSHD)[9]Same as English.
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