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Lantern Caverns are locations in Twilight Princess.[1]

Features and Overview

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Lantern Caverns can be found around Hyrule hidden behind Boulders that can be destroyed with Bombs, Bomb Arrows, or the Ball and Chain. They usually contain Poe Souls, Pieces of Heart, and Rupees. Lantern Caverns are maze-like Caves with dark tunnels that are difficult for Link to navigate without the Lantern. Webs often block the path forward, so Link must burn them using the Lantern or destroy them with the Ball and Chain.

The first of these caverns is found in Faron Woods and serves as a path connecting the two main portions of the forest. It is the shortest and least complex of the Lantern Caverns. Wolf Link can dig into a shortcut that allows him to skip most of the cave. Another Lantern Cavern can be found on the west side of the Kakariko Gorge, blocked by a Boulder. The largest Lantern Cavern is located at Lake Hylia, also behind a Boulder. It is filled with many pathways and Boulders with Treasure Chests behind them. There is also a portal about halfway through that will send Link back to the entrance if he chooses, as well as one at the end.

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