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The Final Trial is a challenge and Dungeon in The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack for Breath of the Wild.[citation needed] It takes place inside what seems to be an unnamed Divine Beast. The design of the Dungeon resembles an engine, suggesting a connection to the Master Cycle Zero, the item received when completing this trial.

Entrance to the Trial

The Final Trial can only be accessed after Link has completed "EX Champion Urbosa's Song," "EX Champion Daruk's Song," "EX Champion Mipha's Song," and "EX Champion Revali's Song." Once he has done so, he will hear the voice of Monk Maz Koshia, who instructs him to return to the Shrine of Resurrection for the Final Trial.[1]

Inside the Shrine of Resurrection, Link once again hears the voice of Monk Maz Koshia.[2] He tells Link to return the Sheikah Slate to the Sheikah Slate Terminal he obtained it from,[3] which seals the door to the chamber and causes it do descend into the Dungeon.[4] The door opens before the descent is complete, however, a magical barrier prevents the elevator from being exited prematurely. If Link has found the Korok in the Shrine of Resurrection, it will not be present during and after the elevator's descent.

Themes and Navigation

Upon entering the Final Trial, Link hears the voice of Monk Maz Koshia, who greets him.[5] He then informs Link that he will need a Map, which can be obtained from the nearby Guidance Stone.[6] The Guidance Stone authenticates the Sheikah Slate and grants Link a Map.[7]

The Final Trial is comprised of a central chamber containing a series of mechanical gears. Four adjoining chambers are themed after each of the other Divine Beasts and four Champions, with elemental themes of Wind, Water, Fire, and Electricity. The side-chambers contain gears and rotating walls and objects, but these will only move if the chambers are connected to the central mechanism via metallic or stone objects. Once the Dungeon Map has been obtained, the gears can be configured to rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise, which will have a cascading effect on the side-chambers if they have been connected to the central mechanism.

Link can find a Treasure Chest containing a Gerudo Scimitar in the thunder chamber, one containing a Cobble Crusher in the fire chamber, one containing a Swallow Bow in the wind chamber, and one containing a Zora Spear in the water chamber. Each of these Weapons are the Weapons required to craft each of the Champions' Weapons. In addition, Link can find a Diamond in a Treasure Chest, which is also required to craft a Champions' Weapon. Link can also find a Gerudo Shield in a Treasure Chest within the Dungeon, which can be crafted into Urbosa's Daybreaker Shield. Lastly, Link can find a Treasure Chest containing five Bomb Arrows.

Each of the themed chambers contains a Terminal that Link can authenticate with his Sheikah Slate to unlock a single bolt on a large stone door at the rear of the central chamber.[8][9] The Terminal will then tell Link how many Terminals remain.[10][11][12]

This Dungeon is unique in that Enemies will gradually appear in the central chamber as the Terminals are activated. Initially, only a sole Guardian Scout I is present, but three additional Guardian Scouts I along with a Guardian Scout II appear after activating the first Terminal. After activating a second, a Guardian Turret appears in the center of the Dungeon. After the third Terminal is activated, two Guardian Skywatchers will patrol the chamber.

After the final Terminal lock has been deactivated, the last Terminal will tell Link that he can now access the deepest area of the Dungeon.[13] Once all four locks are disengaged, the door opens to reveal the Monk's Pedestal bearing Monk Maz Koshia. Monk Maz Koshia tells Link that he has proven to possess the power of a true hero and then begins to move.[14] Maz Koshia then stands up, offering Link the Final Trial[15] The pair are Warped to a floating platform above the Great Plateau. Monk Maz Koshia then initiates a battle with Link as the Boss of the Dungeon.[16]

After defeating Monk Maz Koshia, he tells Link that he faced him with great courage and that he is a true hero.[17] As a reward, Maz Koshia gives Link the Master Cycle Zero Rune.[18][19][20] Calling the Master Cycle Zero a masterpiece of innovation for the one true hero, Maz Koshia wishes Link well and sends him back to the surface of the Great Plateau.[21]

Minor Enemies and Traps


  • Each bolt in the rear of the Final Trial bears a letter in the Sheikah language, corresponding to the chamber's element: A (air),[22] W (Water),[23] F (Fire),[24] and E (Electricity).[25]


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