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Chamber Dungeons are dungeons in Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch.[name references needed]


Chamber Dungeons are dungeons that can be created at Dampé's Shack in Tal Tal Heights. Chamber Dungeons are customized by arranging Chamber panels. These panels decide the layout of the dungeon as well as the puzzles, enemies, and Sub-Bosses encountered in each chamber. Completed Chamber Dungeons can be saved to amiibo from The Legend of Zelda line, allowing them to be shared with other players to challenge.

There are a number of pre-fabricated Chamber Dungeons challenges that Link can arrange and complete.

List of Chamber Dungeons

Image Chamber Dungeon Level Restriction Pre-set Chambers Description Unlock Criteria
Dungeon Arranging 101 1 None I started this one already. Can you finish it? Make a path from the entrance to the Nightmare's Lair. There's gotta be a stop along the way for the treasure chest. If a chamber's got an exit, you gotta connect it to another chamber. Nobody wants an exit that goes nowhere. Unlocked from the beginning
Placing the Basics 1 None None See those tiles with the treasure chest and locked door marks? That's where you put chambers that have that stuff in' em. You get keys to open locked doors outta treasure chests. Be sure you place enough chests to make it through. Sad to see an adventurer run outta keys. Clear "Dungeon Arranging 101"
A Passage Across 1 None You can't place chambers on those light gray tiles to the upper right. The only way to reach those tiles is with chambers that have stairs. That's what this challenge is about. You'll learn how to use stairs to cross long distances. Or you'll fail. One of the two. Clear "Placing the Basics"
After clearing Key Cavern
Fill Up Your Hearts 1 None None It's up to you what chambers to use and how to arrange 'em. Just make sure you fill every single tile in that heart shape with a chamber. Mind how you go connectin' the exits and stairs, now. Clear "A Passage Across"
Key Hunter 2 None I hear you. The treasure-chest tiles aren't too close to the locks on that one chamber. That's the point. Your job is to make a path usin' all of 'em. Remember to put some other chests in too. Wouldn't wanna lock yourself outta the rest of the dungeon. Clear "A Passage Across"
Bomb's Away! 2 None This bomb's primed with a couple of chambers already. Now it's your turn to stuff it with But don't worry. That fuse isn't lit. You got time to figure it out. Clear "Fill Up Your Hearts"
After clearing Angler's Tunnel
Treasure Vault 2 None None The vault needs treasure. Stuff those tiles that have treasure-chest marks with chambers that have chests. I don't gotta tell you how to bridge the gap, right? Clear "A Passage Across"
After clearing Catfish's Maw
Passageway Central 2 None You've done one kinda like this already. This one's the same idea but trickier.

Hope you've been paying attention to the challenges. It all comes into play here. Let's see what you got.
Clear "Treasure Vault"
Stair Decisions 3 None So wait. If you put stairs over there, how does that work with the stairs you've got at the start? Maybe if you... But wait, then you'd have to... Ugh. This is why I leave the dungeon arrangin' to you. Clear "Treasure Vault"
After clearing Face Shrine
Heart Shortage 3 3 hearts None Once you've filled the "bottle" with chambers, you gotta get through the whole dungeon with just three hearts. Now I'm not here to tell you how to arrange the dungeon. But you'll wanna skimp on the monsters. Clear "Stair Decisions"
Sheathed Sword 3 Cannot use Sword This one's a doozy. You're not gonna be able to swing that sword in the finished dungeon. So don't place any chambers that you can't get through without whackin' something with a sword. And if you do, don't say I didn't warn you. Clear "Heart Shortage"
After clearing Eagle's Tower
Ticking Clock 3 Clear in 5 minutes You're on the clock with this one. The idea is to get to the boss and beat it in just five minutes. If you ask me, it comes down to how you place the entrance and the Nightmare's Lair. Not that anyone asked me. Clear "Sheathed Sword"
After clearing Turtle Rock
Forging a Sword 4 None The sword's not done until it's all filled in. Start at the bottom left. Then work your way up and to the right. Master arrangin' it and you can have somethin'. Clear all 12 previous challenges
Crafting a Shield 4 5 hearts None It's a shield 'cause you only get five hearts. for the adventure part. So you gotta defend yourself, see? There's a lotta space you need to fill here too. Makes for a long, tough dungeon. But hey. When it's done, you get to write your name on it. Clear all 12 previous challenges
Bows > Swords 4 Cannot use Sword You like this one? Well, don't speak too soon. You don't get to use your sword here. But you've got all that other junk, right? Yeah, you'll be fine. Clear all 12 previous challenges
Dungeon Song 4 None Your ocarina gave me an idea for this one. Think of the arrangin' like writing a song. The more you put in, the prettier it is. 'Course, a real ocarina packed with stuff doesn't play... Clear all 12 previous challenges
House of the Hinox 4 Clear in 3 minutes There's a bunch of those beefy hinoxes around here. It gets worse too. You've only got 3 minutes to finish the adventure. Don't know how to handle hinoxes? Then keep an eye on your hearts.' Clear all 12 previous challenges
Back to Square One 4 Clear in 5 minutes When it comes to arrangin' chambers, you get the idea now. Stairs, treasure chests, the whole routine. Couple things about this one, though. One, you only get 5 minutes for the adventure. Two, there's a monster here who makes the time limit tougher than you'd think. Clear all 12 previous challenges
Need a Hand? 4 Cannot use Sword This is another one where you can't use that sword. Now, that's gonna make some spots tough. Or even impossible. When that happens, you're gonna need a helping hand. Clear all 12 previous challenges
Zig-Zaggy 4 None None Seems easy, right? You look at it and say, "I got this figured out." But do you have enough chambers shaped the right way to do it like that? Not so easy now, huh? Clear all 12 previous challenges
Nothin' but Stairs 4 None None It's stairs top to bottom here. By the time you fill up that shape with stairs, you won't know whether you're comin' or goin'. Myself, I like downstairs more than up. Easier on my knees. Clear all 12 previous challenges
Treasure Hoard 4 None None How 'bout all those chests in there? Tempting, huh? Don't drool over the treasure too much. Or you might forget an entrance and Nightmare's Lair.' Clear all 12 previous challenges
Skull Arrangement 4 None You're gonna need most of your chambers for this big guy. Adventurin' through it could take a while, too.

Wish I could put my finger on where I've seen that design before...
Clear all 12 previous challenges
The Supreme Shape 4 None The last challenge is another fill-in job. Why this shape? I just like it. That's all. Use it to make a dungeon I'll like too, OK? Clear all 12 previous challenges


The rewards you earn are given in a set order for each of the different level groups of challenges, regardless of what order the challenges are completed for that level group. Rewards range from additional chambers to use for dungeon arranging to Pieces of Heart and Rupees

Group First Second Third Fourth
Level 1 Secret Seashell
Level 2 Piece of Heart
Level 3

A Heart Container is rewarded for completing all three levels of challenges

All Level 4 challenges reward 300 Rupees when cleared

In addition to these rewards, an additional reward can be earned by completing a specific challenge:

Challenge Reward
Bombs Away! +Bombs Effect
Heart Shortage Fairy Bottle
Sheathed Sword +Hearts Effect
Ticking Clock +Wallmasters Effect


  • The design of the dungeon and the description given for the "Skull Arrangement" challenge references the design of Level 9 in The Legend of Zelda's First Quest.


Names in Other Regions
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Chamber Dungeon (LANS)
パネルダンジョン (Paneru Danjon) (LANS)Panel Dungeon
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
嵌板迷宮 (Qiànbǎn Mígōng) (LANS) 
The Kingdom of Denmark
Chamber Dungeon (LANS)
Donjon-mosaïque (LANS) 
The French Republic
Donjon-mosaïque (LANS) 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Kammer-Labyrinth (LANS)Chamber Labyrinth
The Italian Republic
Labirinto a tessere (LANS)Cards labyrinth
The Republic of Korea
던전의 패널 (Deonjeon-ui Paeneol) (LANS)Panel Dungeon
The Kingdom of Norway
Chamber Dungeon (LANS)
The Portuguese Republic
Chamber Dungeon (LANS)
The Russian Federation
Панельное подземелье (Panel'noye podzemel'ye) (LANS)Panel dungeon
Latin America
Mazmorra de salas (LANS) 
The Kingdom of Spain
Mazmorra de salas (LANS) 
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