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The +Wallmasters Effect is an Item in Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch.[1]

Location and Uses

The +Wallmasters Effect can be obtained by completing the "Ticking Clock" Chamber Dungeon. It adds Wallmasters as a trap to a Chamber. When triggered for the first time, a short cutscene will play that shows the Wallmaster's shadow appearing on the floor. The Wallmaster will follow Link around the Chamber and attempt to catch Link. If Link gets caught, he will be brought to the entrance Chamber of the Chamber Dungeon. The Wallmaster will reappear in other Chambers even if the Effect is not applied to them, only not appearing in areas where the Effect cannot be applied. If the Wallmaster is killed, another will spawn roughly 18 seconds later while staying in the same Chamber or by moving to another Chamber. It cannot be applied to entrance Chambers, Nightmare's Lair Chambers, or any Chamber containing a Sub-Boss fight.


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  1. "You got a +Wallmasters Effect! Apply it to a chamber to make Wallmasters reach for you!" — Game Screen (Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch)