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The Kah Okeo Shrine,[1] designated by the Trial name Wind Guide,[1] is an Ancient Shrine in Breath of the Wild.

Entrance to the Shrine

Kah Okeo Shrine is found in a hole in the Tabantha Frontier, to the west of the Rayne Highlands. To access the Ancient Shrine, Link must use the Stasis Rune or Octo Balloons to remove the stone slab blocking the cave entrance. As he enters the Shrine, he will be greeted by its Monk, Kah Okeo.[2]

Themes and Navigation

When Link enters Kah Okeo Shrine, he will find a blocked portcullis and a Wind Switch. In a nearby Treasure Chest is a Korok Leaf, which can be used to activate the Wind Switch and open the portcullis. In the following hallway is a Bomb Barrel suspended in the air by three Balloons.

At the end of the hallway, Link will come upon a tall room. At the bottom of the room are two Guardian Scouts II with Guardian Swords. By Climbing to the top of the room, Link can find another Wind Switch. Activating this switch will spawn a platform suspended by four Balloons, which can be moved using the Korok Leaf. Reactivating the Wind Switch will respawn the platform.

The platform can be use to access the other side of the second room, where Link can move further into Kah Okeo Shrine. There is a locked portcullis in this room, beyond which the Monk's Pedestal can be seen. Past this wall is a large room with a Wind Switch next to a Tilted Platform embedded in the ground, which will send Link into the air when it is activated. From here, Link can use his Paraglider to reach another platform, also bearing a Wind Switch and a Tilted Platform. Though Link can use this Tilted Platform to reach the next structure, he can also access it through a series of platforms and Ladders.

The next structure has an indentation that can be accessed via Ladder. The bottom of this indentation has a cracked wall, which can be destroyed with a Remote Bomb. When this is done, an Updraft will begin to flow through the structure's hollow center. After ascending the Updraft with his Paraglider, Link can access a higher series of platforms.

At the end of the first set of platforms is a fourth Wind Switch, which spawns another platform suspended by Balloons when it is activated. To proceed, Link will need to use his Korok Leaf to navigate the platform through a group of Floor Spikes that have been turned into walls. Past this maze, Link can activate another Wind Switch that will activate a Tilted Platform below his feet, which will bring him to a third level.

On the third level, the top of the structure used on the first level can be seen to be blocked by bombable walls. In a side room, Link can activate a Wind Switch to spawn Bomb Barrel suspended by Balloons. Following this, Link must push the Bomb Barrel out of the room with the Korok Leaf. Using either the Bomb Barrel or Bomb Arrows, Link can destroy the walls, allowing the Updraft from before to continue upwards. When Link activates the Wind Switch next to a Tilted Platform here, he will gain enough height to be able to reach the Updraft with his Paraglider. At the top, there is a Treasure Chest containing a Small Key.

From the top of the structure, Link is able to drift to a platform that leads to the locked portcullis. With the Small Key, he will be able to unlock the portcullis, giving him access to Kah Okeo. When approached, the Monk will commend Link for being able to complete the Ancient Shrine.[3] As a reward, they grant Link a Spirit Orb.[4] Once Link has received the Orb, Kah Okeo will wish him well before fading away.[5]

After obtaining the floating platform in the second room, Link can use it to access a Treasure Chest in the corner. This Chest contains a Gold Rupee. Past this door, Link will encounter a Guardian Scout in front of a cracked wall. The wall can be destroyed with either Remote Bombs or the nearby Bomb Barrels. A second Treasure Chest can be obtained by gliding to it after Link uses the first Tilted Platform, and it contains a Forest Dweller's Sword. Before attempting to navigate the Floor Spikes, Link can move his platform to access a third Treasure Chest, containing a Giant Ancient Core. Finally, as Link returns from collecting the Small Key, he can drift down to a platform above the locked portcullis. On this platform is a Treasure Chest with a Thunderspear inside.

Minor Enemies and Traps


ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • Heer der wind[7]
  • Tempel van Kah Okeo[8]
  • Lord of Wind
  • Temple of Kah Okeo
Latin America
Santuario de Ohyoka[6]Ohyoka Shrine
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