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The Dancing Dragon Dungeon is the fourth Dungeon in Oracle of Seasons.[1] It is located near the summit of Mt. Cucco. Within this dungeon lies the fourth Essence of Nature, the Soothing Rain. To access the dungeon, Link requires the Power of Spring.

Entrance to the Dungeon

The entrance to the Dancing Dragon Dungeon is carved into the rock wall of Mt. Cucco. In order to navigate the mountain range where the dungeon is located, Link must obtain the power of the Spirit of Spring for the Rod of Seasons. Link will also need the Flippers obtained from the Master Diver in the nearby Sunken City. Link requires the aid of Dimitri in order to swim up the waterfall into the secret cave where the Master Diver resides.

In order to access the dungeon, Link must find the Dragon Key and use it on the Dragon Key Keyhole to stop the flow of the waterfall cascading over the entrance of the dungeon, which is preventing Link from entering. The key is found on Goron Mountain. However, Link needs the help of Moosh to cross the pitfalls surrounding the key. To obtain Moosh's aid, Link must use the newly obtained powers of his Rod of Seasons to obtain the Spring Banana and give it to Moosh.

Once the flow of the waterfall is shut off, the entrance of the dungeon can be accessed by climbing the vines that grow only in summer.

Themes and Navigation

The Dancing Dragon Dungeon is a watery Dungeon littered with Mine Carts. The presence of Mine Carts, Rail Switches, the Rail Switch Room, the Rail Cart Junction, and the Rail Cart Room suggests that the Dungeon was once a mine used by the inhabitants of Holodrum. Long abandoned, the mine has become a breeding ground for monsters that Link must slay while progressing through the dungeon. The Flippers are essential to completing the dungeon: on two occasions, Link must dive underwater to obtain a key (once for a Small Key and once for the Boss Key later on). This dungeon features two floors, a basement floor, and one side-scrolling room.

The mini-boss of the dungeon is Agunima, a wizard resembling Agahnim. Shortly after defeating him, Link will obtain the Seed-shooting Slingshot, his first projectile weapon of the game.

Within the dungeon resides a strange Old Man who will help Link locate the Boss Key. The key is located in a submerged room where a raised platform stands. When observed from above, the platform resembles a face, with two watery holes for eyes. Using the Flippers, Link can dive into the easternmost "eye" to retrieve the Boss Key located there.[2]

In the basement floor of the dungeon resides Gohma, the boss of Dancing Dragon Dungeon. With the help of the item he acquired within the dungeon, the Slingshot, Link defeats Gohma and obtains the fourth of the Essences of Nature, as well as the obligatory Heart Container.

Minor Enemies



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 竜の舞うダンジョン (Ryū no Mau Danjon) Dragon Dance Dungeon
France FrenchEU Donjon Dragon Dansant Dancing Dragon Dungeon
Germany German Tanzdrachenhöhle Dancing Dragon Cave
Italy Italian Dungeon Drago Danzante
Spain SpanishEU Mazmorra del Dragón Danzante Dancing Dragon Dungeon



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