The Great Bridge: Defender

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The Great Bridge: Defender,[1] also known as Level 3-3[2] and Kargarok Assault[name references needed] in the PAL version, is a Stage in Link's Crossbow Training. It is the third Stage in Level 3.

Features and Overview

The Great Bridge: Defender takes place close to the Great Hylian Bridge, where Link must defend himself from an onslaught of Kargaroks for one minute. If a Kargarok is not shot quickly enough once it gets close to Link, it will shoot a spherical, rock-like projectile. Throughout the Stage, red-colored Kargaroks will fly around the Great Hylian Bridge.

A giant Scarecrow can be found on top of the rock facade adjacent to the bridge.



Names in Other Regions
カーゴロック:ディフェンダー[3]Kāgorokku: Defender
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  1. If Link shoots the Scarecrows' body, he will be awarded one point. If he shoots the Scarecrows' body again, he will be awarded two points. This pattern continues until Link shoots the Scarecrow for the eighth time, where continuous hits afterward only awards Link with eight points each. If Link ever shoots the Pumpkin head of the Scarecrow, he will be awarded points based on how many hits were taken by the Scarecrows' body, with 1,000 points being awarded if Link shot the Scarecrow eight times or more beforehand. If Link shoots the Scarecrow with a Exploding Arrow, the Scarecrows' head will be destroyed granting him points based on how many hits the body of the Scarecrow has already taken, plus an additional 2 points. Once the head of the Scarecrow is shot and destroyed, Link can freely shoot the body of the Scarecrow for an unlimited amount of shots, with each shot giving Link one point. If Link shoots the Scarecrow with a Exploding Arrow after destroying its head, he will be given 3 points.


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