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The Room of Rites is a location seen only in a Linked Game of Oracle of Ages or Oracle of Seasons.[1][name references needed] On an altar within the room stands three torches, where the Flames of Destruction, Sorrow, and Despair are lit. The room is utilized by Twinrova to perform the Dark Rites and resurrect Ganon, the malevolent Evil King, who can be brought back once the three torches are lit and a vessel is presented to be inhabited by Ganon's spirit.[2]


The Three Flames

In order to light the flames, Twinrova sends forth Veran and General Onox to send the Essences of Time of Labrynna and the Essences of Nature of Holodrum, respectively, into chaos.[3] Link gathers the Essences of Time and Nature and defeats the Sorceress of Shadows and the General of Darkness, but he is too late: the sorrow and destruction reverberating from both lands lights the respective flames,[4][5] and the return of Ganon draws near.[6] The final flame, the Flame of Despair, is lit when Twinrova capture Princess Zelda. At the loss of the princess, the voice of hope of the land, the people of Labrynna and Holodrum are stricken with despair, causing the Flame of Despair to light.[7]

The Vessel

The final step in the resurrection of Ganon is the offering of a vessel for his spirit to inhabit. Captured by Twinrova in order to light the Flame of Despair, Zelda, who is unconscious, is placed on a stone slab in the Room of Rites and is to be offered as a sacrifice so that Ganon may have his vessel.[8] After prying the two oracles Din and Nayru from the grasp of their respective captors, Onox and Veran, the two oracles will combine their power to warp Link to the Room of Rites, in an attempt to rescue Zelda, cast down Twinrova and prevent the resurrection of the Evil King.[9]

After navigating a complex maze within the area, Link will come upon the altar where the three Flames and Zelda are found. He will then be transported to an arena below the Room of Rites for a battle against Twinrova.[10] When Link is on the verge of defeating Twinrova, they will decide to sacrifice their own body in a final effort to bring back Ganon. Their plans succeed, and the Evil King is reborn.

Ganon, the Evil King

Although Ganon is resurrected by the self-sacrifice of Twinrova, the improper completion of the rite causes Ganon to be reborn as a raging, mindless beast.[11][12] In an epic final battle against the ferocious Evil King, Link defeats Ganon and sends him back to the world of darkness from whence he came. Link narrowly escapes the Room of Rites with Zelda before it crumbles, never to be seen again. Peace returns to the lands of Holodrum and Labrynna.


  • Before the battle with Twinrova and Ganon, Link can exit the Room of Rites at any time via a portal that will transport him to the Maku Tree. After the battle, the portal to the Room of Rites disappears.
  • The key to navigating the maze within the Room of Rites is in the statues with moving eyes found therein. The eyes will point to any opening except the correct one, indicating which path Link should take.
  • The BGM for the Room of Rites is the same as Veran's theme in Oracle of Ages.


Names in Other Regions
The Italian Republic
Sala Riti (OoS | OoA)[13][14]Rituals Hall
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Other Names

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