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Labrynna is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2][name references needed] Like its sister countries of Hyrule and Holodrum, Labrynna is a vibrant country rich in beauty and resources. The land is bordered by a vast ocean, the Zora Seas, that flows to Labrynna's southern border, and the land is home to many interesting tribes such as the Labrynnans (the Human population of Labrynna), the Zoras, the Gorons, the Tokay of Crescent Island, and many other citizens. Labrynna's most imposing feature however is perhaps the great Black Tower that stands at the center of the country, visible from almost anywhere, even from far out into the sea.[3] Rich in history, Labrynna has had more than one type of a ruling government, originating with a monarchy several centuries in its past, but ruled in the present day by a republic, though it has always retained the same capital city seemingly, Lynna City (previously known as Lynna Village).[4] Curiously, the land of Labrynna is most notable for its deep connection to the flows of time (as the home of the eight Essences of Time) and is best known for being the home of the guardian of the flows of time, the Oracle of Ages,[5] and the Oracle's protector, the Maku Tree.[6]


Like the land of Hyrule, Labrynna is a country blessed with a long, rich history. It is unknown how the land of Labrynna was formed, though it is assumed by many to have been created, like the land of Termina, as a side effect of the Golden Goddesses' creation of the land of Hyrule. It is also unknown exactly how long the country of Labrynna has been established, though it is confirmed that the country has existed for more than 400 years by the Maku Tree.[7] Four hundred years in its past, Labrynna was ruled by a royal family (who ruled from the capital city of the country, Lynna Village) similar to that of Hyrule, with the ruler of the time being the beloved Queen Ambi, known best for her kindness and benevolence amongst her people.[8][9] Many diverse races have inhabited Labrynna since this ancient period as well; in fact, pretty much all of the current races inhabiting Labrynna have their roots going back as far as the reign of Queen Ambi and beyond. With the passing of time however, so did the times change, as a new republican government was formed at some point to supplant Labrynna's ancient monarchy. In the present age, Labrynna is presided over by the mayor of present day Lynna City, Mayor Plen.[4] As the government of Labrynna changed with the passing of time, so too did the land's geography. Over the course of 400 years, previously small deities such as Lord Jabu-Jabu[10] and the Maku Tree[11] grew to humongous sizes, and many geographical features of the land changed, such as Zora Seas islands' drift westward, the receding of the Zora Seas, the transformation of the Sea of No Return into the Yoll Graveyard, the sinking of Ambi's Palace, and many more changes that came to pass over the course of four centuries.


At one point or another throughout its history, Labrynna has been ruled by both ends of the political spectrum. Though its political beginnings remain unclear, it is clear that for much of its early history, Labrynna was ruled by an ancient royal family that ruled from their palace at the heart of Lynna Village. The most famous monarch of Labrynna's early history is Queen Ambi, the ruler that commissioned the building of the gigantic Black Tower that stands at the center of Labrynna to the present day, long after the end of her reign.[12] After being ruled by a monarchy for many generations, Labrynna shifted to a republic at some unspecified point in its history, reverting power into the hands of elected officials and renaming the capital city of the country instead as Lynna City, the city having grown over the course of the 400 years since Ambi's reign. The current ruling official of the country is the Mayor of Lynna City, Mayor Plen.[4]


Like almost all countries visited throughout the Zelda universe, Labrynna also shares a common currency with its sister nations, that currency being the Rupee. Much of the same values applied to differing colors of Rupees also apply to Labrynna's financial system (e.g. green is worth one Rupee, red is worth five Rupees, etc). Pretty much every shop or establishment throughout Labrynna accepts Rupees as the preferred form of payment for good or services.[13] However, on the mysterious Crescent Island, a system of trade is instituted rather than a currency system of Rupees.[14] As such, while on the mainland of Labrynna Rupees are the dominant form of currency, the trade system is in use amongst Crescent Island's Tokay population.


Like its counterpart land of Holodrum and even the land of Hyrule itself, Labrynna's geography greatly varies from region to region. The mountains of Rolling Ridge dominate the northeastern region of Labrynna and are primarily the home of the graceful Goron race. Also found in the northern section of Labrynna are the rolling hills and steep ridges of the Nuun Highlands that border Rolling Ridge. In the northwestern corner of Labrynna lies Talus Peaks with its springs and waterfalls as well as the symmetrically-constructed Symmetry Village, a sister city to Lynna City. To the east of Lynna City sits the Forest of Time, well known for being home to many talking animals, and the creepy Yoll Graveyard, where many residents of Labrynna are laid to rest after passing away. Meanwhile, to the west of Lynna City sits the Fairies' Woods, a forest that is magically enchanted to lead travelers astray by causing them to become lost within the woods.[15] To the south is the vast Zora Seas, home to many different locales such as the Zora Village (home to the Zora race), the confusing and violent Sea of Storms, the geographically interesting Crescent Island (shaped like the Crescent Moon and home to the Tokay race) and the Crescent Strait separating Crescent Island's northern shores from the mainland. At the heart of the country sits the bustling Lynna City itself and the massive Black Tower that overlooks the entire land.

Locations and Landmarks

Labrynna is and has always been home to many very interesting and curious locales throughout its history, many of which survive to the present day. With the passing of time, many of these places have changed aesthetically in a variety of ways ranging from the very subtle (e.g. Zora Seas islands' shift westward) to the most radical (e.g. the transformation of the Sea of No Return into the Yoll Graveyard). By and large however, many locales are still halfway recognizable in their present states in comparison to how they looked in the past.


Races of Labrynna

Main articles: Goron, Human, Tokay, Zora, Deku Scrub, Moblin and Fairy


  • The geography of Nuun Highlands alters depending on which animal companion Link has obtained the flute of; Ricky, Moosh or Dimitri. The alteration will suit the animal's strong points. For instance, Dimitri as Link's companion accompanies a watery Nuun Highlands.
  • This land may be called "Labrynna" as Oracle of Ages has gameplay that focuses on puzzles, and "Labrynna" sounds like "Labyrinth".
  • Link is sent to Labrynna via the powers of the Triforce. However, certain characters in Oracle of Ages will travel between Labrynna and the sister-land of Holodrum via physical means; Princess Zelda (in a Linked Game only) and her nurse Impa even travel from Hyrule.[16] Therefore, Labrynna, Holodrum, and Hyrule all exist within the same universe.
  • In Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, Brynna Plain in the Lanayru Great Spring derives its name Labrynna.


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