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The Golden Goddesses are a recurring trio of deities in The Legend of Zelda series.[1] They are Din, the Goddess of Power, Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom, and Farore, the Goddess of Courage, the chief gods and creators of the land that becomes the Hyrule and the extended world that it resides in.[2] It is understood that the Golden Goddesses have always existed, and that they are omnipotent and eternal. Though the Golden Goddesses are the most important gods of the world, they are mentioned by few characters in the series, and knowledge of them has been shown to be limited to the people of Hyrule alone, most races worshiping their own patron deities.

Each of the three Goddesses is associated with a characteristic, common element, and color: Din is power, fire and red; Nayru is wisdom, water and blue; Farore is courage, wind and green. They are the creators of the sacred Triforce that is made up of their three associated characteristics of power, wisdom and courage.


In most of the history of Hyrule, whenever Ganondorf comes to power and plans to take over the kingdom, the Golden Goddesses appoint a hero, usually Link, to rise and defeat the King of Thieves.[3][4][5][6] Link the hero is trusted with the Triforce of Courage,[4][6] while Princess Zelda is given the Triforce of Wisdom to protect it.[7][8]

A Link to the Past

The Golden Goddesses depicted in the A Link to the Past manual, version from Art & Artifacts

The Golden Goddesses were first mentioned in the game manual of A Link to the Past. The legends of the Golden Goddesses are explained to be derived from scrolls left behind by ancient Hylians.[9] Without naming each Goddess individually, the scrolls explain the Golden Goddesses as those who transformed the World of Chaos into the inhabitable Hyrule. The "God of Power" created the land and fire; the "God of Wisdom" created science and brought order to the land; the "God of Courage" created all life on the world.[10] The Goddesses then departed from the world they created and left behind the Triforce, a small portion of their power that meant to serve as a guide for the people in the new world.[11][12] The Triforce beckoned people from the outside world to search for it in hope that someone worthy would obtain it.[13] The Triforce was accidentally discovered by a gang of thieves and as taken by Ganondorf, which then led into the Imprisoning War and finally the events of A Link to the Past.[14]

Ocarina of Time

The Golden Goddesses shown leaving Hyrule following its creation

In Ocarina of Time, the Golden Goddesses are seen in-game for the first time while the Great Deku Tree details the creation of Hyrule to Link after he vanquishes Gohma. Like in the manual for A Link to the Past, the Golden Goddesses are explained to have created the land of Hyrule before departing and leaving behind the Triforce.[2] The Golden Goddesses are each given names for the first time: Din, the Goddess of Power, Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom, and Farore, the Goddess of Courage. The resting place of the Triforce was also referred to as the Sacred Realm for the first time.[15]

The Wind Waker

The people pray to the Goddesses to come to their aid
The statues resembling the Golden Goddesses in The Wind Waker

In The Wind Waker, it is revealed that, after the Hero of Time was sent back to his original time, Hyrule in the Adult Timeline was left without a hero when the seal on Ganondorf broke.[16] Faced by Ganondorf's unstoppable power and with no hero to aid them, the people of Hyrule prayed to the Golden Goddesses to come in their aid.[17] Since the Golden Goddesses knew that to seal the people away along in Hyrule would grant Ganondorf's wish of destroying the land,[18] the Goddesses instructed the Hylians to flee to Hyrule's mountaintops in order to escape the coming flood.[19] Once the people were safely away, the Goddesses caused a torrential downpour, covering the land and turning the mountaintops into islands.[20]

The three pearls required to open the Tower of the Gods are also named after each respective goddess: Din's Pearl, Nayru's Pearl, and Farore's Pearl. Furthermore, the statues that each of the pearls are placed on to open the tower each resemble a Golden Goddess.

Twilight Princess

While never seen during the main events of the game, the Golden Goddesses play a major role in the backstory leading into Twilight Princess. They are stated to have appointed the four Spirits of Light to protect Hyrule,[21][22] and gave the order for the Dark Interlopers to be banished to the Twilight Realm and the Fused Shadows to be locked away.[23]

After freeing the Lanayru Province from Twilight, the Spirit of Light Lanayru reveals to Link where the final Fused Shadow he seeks is located. He then goes on to explain why exactly the Fused Shadows were locked away and forbidden by the Golden Goddesses.[23] Lanayru narrates the story of the Interloper War, which took place after the events of Skyward Sword. The people of Hyrule lived in peace after Skyward Sword, but news of the Sacred Realm and the Triforce eventually spread, causing the Interloper War.[24] It was then that the Dark Interlopers appeared, using their strong magic, the Fused Shadows, to take control of the Sacred Realm.[25] The Golden Goddesses then ordered the Spirits of Light to banish them to the Twilight Realm and seal away their magic.[26] With no connection back to the Light World, the Dark Interlopers would eventually become the Twili race.[27]

While it was impossible for the Twili to return to the Light World, the Golden Goddesses left one link between the two worlds, the Mirror of Twilight.[28] The Golden Goddesses commanded the Sages to guard the Mirror of Twilight after imprisoning the Dark Interlopers.[29]

Phantom Hourglass

Although the World of the Ocean King exists in a different parallel world than the Light World, the Marks of the Goddesses can still be found in the Temple of the Ocean King, making it possible that the Golden Goddesses created the World of the Ocean King as well as the Light World.[30]

Other Appearances

A Link to the Past (Himekawa)

In the A Link to the Past manga by Akira Himekawa, after Link rescues Princess Zelda from Agahnim, they enter a church with Zelda's remaining supporters.[31] She briefly explains the Goddesses's creation of the Triforce and the Sacred Realm, along with its power.[32] After a series of events, Link meets Sahasrahla, who in turn retells the story of the Goddesses and the Triforce and explains each Goddesses's role in creating Hyrule.[33] He also reveals that the Triforce itself whispers the wishes of those who touch it to the Goddesses.[34]

Ocarina of Time (Himekawa)

At the beginning of the Ocarina of Time manga by Akira Himekawa, the Great Deku Tree is explaining Hyrule's creation to the Kokiri, describing how each Golden Goddess formed Hyrule.[35] However, he is interrupted by a disagreement between Mido and Link before he can impart the role Farore was responsible for. When the Great Deku Tree is dying because of Gohma, he tells Link the story of the Triforce, the power of the Goddesses and that those who touch it may remake the world in their form.[36] He then instructs Link to bring the Kokiri Emerald to Princess Zelda, as she has been chosen by the Goddesses.[37] When Princess Zelda and Link meet later on, Zelda fully describes the Golden Goddesses's roles in shaping Hyrule and confides in Link the Sacred Realm's secret.[38][39]


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