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Nayru's Pearl is an Item in The Wind Waker.[1]

Location and Uses

Nayru's Pearl, named after Nayru, the Golden Goddess, is the third and final of three Goddess Pearls that Link obtains. It is initially kept by Jabun on Greatfish Isle; however, when Link travels there, he finds that it has been destroyed by Ganondorf.[2][3] Fortunately, Jabun had sensed him coming and fled to Outset Island.[4] Tetra's Pirate Crew had learned of these events from Quill and sailed to Outset Island to take Nayru's Pearl.[5] However, they failed to break the stone seal over Jabun's cave.[6]

On Windfall Island, Link sees Tetra's Pirate Crew acquiring Bombs and manages to take some from the pirate ship's hold. Tetra gives Link until morning to find Jabun first.[7] Though the voyage would normally take longer than a night, Link and the King of Red Lions manage it due to the endless night caused by Ganon's Curse, which had plagued them since they were at Greatfish Isle.[8] Using the Cannon, Link and the King of Red Lions break the stone slab sealing Jabun's cave. After a discussion with the King of Red Lions, Jabun gives Nayru's Pearl to Link.[9][10] Ganon's Curse is lifted by the power of the Pearl.[11]

Link places Nayru's Pearl in the hands of the statue on Southern Triangle Island to make the Tower of the Gods rise from the Great Sea.


  • An unused sprite for Nayru's Pearl can be found in the data of The Minish Cap.


Names in Other Regions
The Italian Republic
Perla di Nayru (TWW)[12]Nayru's Pearl
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