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The Royal Jewels are Items in Four Swords Adventures.[1]


The Royal Jewels are based on the classical elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. In Four Swords Adventures, the Four Sword Sanctuary lies in ruins and only a few remains lay on the Royal Jewels' pedestals. The Links need them in order to gain entrance to the Tower of Winds to save Princess Zelda.[2] They are in the possession of the spirits of four Knights of Hyrule, who were cursed to roam as Stalfos in the Dark World until the Links free them. By doing so, the Royal Jewels, which were also cursed and turned into gates to the Dark World, are cleansed.[3]

List of the Royal Jewels

Blue Royal Jewel

Main article: Blue Royal Jewel

The Blue Royal Jewel, representing Water, is the first Royal Jewel Link obtains. It is located in The Field.

Green Royal Jewel

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The Green Royal Jewel, representing Wind, is the second Royal Jewel Link obtains. It is located in Kakariko Village.

Purple Royal Jewel

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The Purple Royal Jewel, representing Earth, is the fourth Royal Jewel Link obtains. It is located in Frozen Hyrule.

Red Royal Jewel

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The Red Royal Jewel, representing Fire, is the third Royal Jewel Link obtains. It is located in the Desert of Doubt.


Names in Other Regions
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Gioiello reale[4]Same as English.
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