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The Celestial Signs are the seven Quest Items that appear in Zelda's Adventure. They are treasured artifacts stolen by Ganon and given to his followers, the Shrine Keepers, to guard in Tolemac's Shrines. Zelda must retrieve them to save the land.[1]

The Signs are stone wedges that each bear a unique symbol engraved upon them, which also appear throughout the respective Shrine they are found in, as well as on the stone slabs of the Vision Henge. The Signs form a complete circle when they are united.

Quest Purpose

The seven Celestial Signs must be retrieved to confront Ganon in the final battle. After defeating a boss, Zelda can proceed to the altar room where the Shrine's Celestial Sign is kept. Gaspra will then telepathically communicate with Zelda, telling her where she should go next, before she reappears outside the Shrine. When Zelda finds the final Celestial Sign, a shadowy hand belonging to Ganon prevents her from taking it, and sends her falling into the newly opened Vision Henge and into his realm.[2] There Zelda fights the Shrine Keepers again in a series of rematches before finally confronting Ganon. Despite this, the last Sign still appears in the inventory screen reunited with the rest.

List of Signs

Sign of Earth

The Sign of Earth is the first Sign, and is located in the Shrine of Earth guarded by Llort.[3] Its symbol resembles a circle with a triangle inside it.

Sign of Illusion

The Sign of Illusion is the second Sign, and is located in the Shrine of Illusion guarded by Pasquinade.[4] Its symbol resembles a mask with strands of hair, or with a jester's hat.

Sign of Air

The Sign of Air is the third Sign, and is located in the Shrine of Air guarded by Aviana. Its symbol resembles a bird.

Sign of Destiny

The Sign of Destiny is the fourth Sign, and is located in the Shrine of Destiny guarded by Malmord.[5] Its symbol resembles a saltire cross.

Sign of Water

The Sign of Water is the fifth Sign, and is located in the Shrine of Water guarded by Agwanda.[6] Its symbol resembles a tree with multiple branches at its sides.

Sign of Strength

The Sign of Strength is the sixth Sign, and is located in the Shrine of Strength guarded by Ursore. Its symbol resembles a lion.

Sign of Fire

The Sign of Fire is the seventh and last Celestial Sign. It is located in the Shrine of Fire guarded by Warbane.[7] Its symbol resembles a triangle with a cross on the top. Once collected, Zelda will automatically be sent to the Vision Henge where she faces the Shrine Keepers and ultimately Ganon.



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