Shrine of Water

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The Shrine of Water is the fifth Dungeon in Zelda's Adventure.[name references needed] It is a flooded cavern on Sea Island, guarded by its Shrine Keeper and Boss, Agwanda.

Entrance to the Shrine

The Shrine of Water is found inside a cave on Sea Island. The island can only be reached by taking a Raft from the Seacoast Plain port across the sea to the island. Zelda will need to pay the Rafter 20 Rubies as well as provide him the Vial of Winds, as the offshore wind has died down.[1]

Themes and Navigation

The Shrine of Water is a flooded underground cavern, which contains large pools of water and underground rivers. Its extreme humidity enables coral and other forms of sea life to grow out of the water, and also makes it home to a variety of aquatic monsters on an otherwise uninhabited island. While the first half of the Dungeon has dry land for Zelda to walk on, the second half is completely flooded, and requires the Raft from the Meadow of Skotness to cross. Its realm is entirely under control by the creature Agwanda, who rules over water itself and guards the Shrine's Water of Life.[2][3] Like the Shrine of Earth, the Shrine's caverns connect to each other between large gaps as shown on the Dungeon Map. The Shrine is otherwise straight-forward, and only has Zelda follow a single path.

Zelda starts in the middle section of the Shrine, where she must walk along a river and avoid Spears stabbing out of the cavern walls. A pair of Zols along the way can be defeated for the Dungeon Map. Eventually, Zelda finds a wooden Plank jammed in a rock damming part of the river. This Plank is used to bridge a gap of the broken bridge crossing the river.

Encountered throughout the Shrine are three Kelpies, servants of Agwanda who guard the Shrine and act as its mini-bosses.[4] They must be defeated to proceed ahead, and can only be defeated with the use of the Turquoise Ring Spell. The first Kelpi is the South Kelpi, which is found shortly after crossing the bridge and must be defeated to remove Floor Spikes blocking the next passage. After a long walk, Zelda eventually finds the second Kelpi, the North Kelpi. She must also be defeated to remove Floor Spikes to the next room. Beyond her is the Dungeon's Compass, found laying in the corner guarded only by Spears poking out of the walls.

Zelda eventually reaches the Dungeon's flooded second half, and will have to use the Raft to cross. The Raft follows the water's current, taking her to a pier where Zelda fights a Giant Squid. A short walk leads to the remainder of the Shrine, which is also flooded and filled with swimming Enemies. Zelda must defend herself from them while crossing the water with the Raft. Here, Zelda encounters the last of the Kelpies, the East Kelpi. At the end of the tunnel is the flooded boss room where Agwanda is fought, this time no longer requiring the Raft. After Agwanda is defeated, Zelda retrieves the fifth Celestial Sign.

Minor Enemies



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