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Llort is the first Boss in Zelda's Adventure.[1] He is the Shrine Keeper of the Shrine of Earth.

He is a greedy troll who hordes all of his treasures inside the Shrine. He constantly demands that Princess Zelda leave his cavern and not touch anything inside, as everything inside the Shrine belongs to him.[2][3] He is protected by three servants, the Sardaks which must be defeated in order to reach the boss room where he is fought.


Llort attacks Princess Zelda by sporadically moving around the room and by throwing two axes forward that spread out as they fly. Running into him will cause Princess Zelda a full Heart-worth of damage, while the axes will inflict half a Heart of damage. Llort has no real weakness, therefore, using the Wand is an option but can be dangerous due to the high chance of accidentally running into him. After he is defeated, Zelda receives 250 Rubies and the first Celestial Sign.

Llort is fought a second time in the Vision Henge when Ganon summons the Shrine Keepers to fight Princess Zelda one last time on her way to the final showdown with him. The battle against Llort proceeds much in the same manner as in the Shrine of Earth, although the troll is much weaker and takes fewer hits to defeat.


The name Llort is "troll" spelled backwards.


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