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The South Shore is a location in Oracle of Ages.[1]

Features and Overview

The South Shore is a beach region of Labrynna, home to only two inhabitants: Rafton, a sailing enthusiast,[2] and Cheval, an inventor of water-based items,[3] in the past. The South Shore is located south of the Black Tower and east of Fairy Woods. In both time periods, the South Shore is mainly a transitional region, that exists primarily to connect the lanscapes of Lynna Village in the past, Lynna City in the present (both to the north), and the southern sea regions during both time periods. In the present, South Shore's landscape and region splits in two regions, the lower half taking the same name, and the upper half going by South Lynna.

The main sidequest of Oracle of Ages takes Link deep into this region: Rafton hands Link the Sea Ukulele[4][5] after trading over the Magic Oar Link had received from Maple, Syrup's assistant, to Rafton's surprise: he had hinted at needing an oar if he was ever to enter himself in a raft race, earlier in the game.[6] These two items prolong and continue the very sidequest that ends at the Noble Sword, and like this region as a whole, only serve as transitional pieces.

In a Linked Game, a woman appears in South Lynna next to the Ember Tree. She will gives Link the Clock Shop Secret. In the past, a little girl with the Pirate Secret appears south of the Black Tower.


Names in Other Regions
南の海岸 (Minami no Kaigan) 
The French Republic
Plage du Sud 
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Spiaggia Sud[7]South Beach
The Kingdom of Spain
Costa Sur 
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    "Spiaggia Sud" — Map (Oracle of Ages, Italian localization)
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