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This article is about the location in Oracle of Ages. For the location in The Wind Waker, see Spectacle Island.

Eyeglass Island,[1] also known as Eyeglass Isle,[2] is a location in Oracle of Ages.

Features and Overview

Eyeglass Island is an Island located in the northeast portion of the Zora Seas. It exists in both the past and the present. Unlike most Islands in the area, Eyeglass Island does not shift westward with the passage of time. On Eyeglass Island is the Eyeglass Island Library, within which Link can find, in the past, Fairy Powder, and in the present, a Book of Seals.[3][4]

In the past, a Diamond allows travel between Eyeglass Island and an Island west of it. On that Island, within a Cave, is the Queen Fairy who has been transformed into the OctoFairy by Veran's dark sorcery.[5] Prior to Link using Fairy Powder to return the Queen Fairy to her natural state, both Islands are swamped with Poison Pools, as is the rest of the Zora Seas.


  • Eyeglass Island may constitute a reference to Spectacle Rock, given its appearance and its Japanese name, メガネしましょか (Spectacle Island). A similar occurrence can be seen with Eyeglass Pond in Oracle of Seasons.


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