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Mutoh's Temple is the seventh dungeon in Phantom Hourglass.[1]

Entrance to the Temple

The temple is located on the northeastern part of the Isle of Ruins, and serves as the location of the pure metal Aquanine. The entrance is available for the one who encounters the four knights of the Cobble Kingdom (one of them resting on the Isle of the Dead) and solves an ancient riddle.[1]

Themes and Navigation

Link pressing several switches with the Hammer, as he moves through a passage.

The temple includes numerous obstacles that can be harmful for the careless explorer, including hidden trap holes, arrow shooters, rolling rocks, and water that can be risen or lowered manually. Anyone surviving these traps will find the temple's item, which is the hammer. This handy tool is useful to press rusty switches, and many of the puzzles revolve around it, especially favoring puzzles which involve flipping tiles.[2] The temple's boss is Eox.

The dungeon's design is richer and more detailed than that of the other temples in the Isle of Ruins, and is also one of the largest in the game in terms of size (only surpassed by the Temple of the Ocean King). The temple contains the sleeping spirit of Mutoh, the king of the ancient Cobble Kingdom, who grants Link the Aquanine as thanks from helping them rest in peace.

It is optional whether Link completes this temple before or after the Goron Temple and/or the Temple of Ice.

Minor Enemies


Names in Other Regions
ムトーの神殿 (Mutō no Shinden)[4]
Temple de Mutoh
The French Republic
Temple de Mutoh[6]
The Federal Republic of Germany
Mutohs Tempel[5]
The Italian Republic
Santuario del re Mutoh[3]
Latin America
Templo de Mutoh[7]
The Kingdom of Spain
Templo de Muto[8]
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Other Names

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