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Zauz is a character in Phantom Hourglass.[3]


Phantom Hourglass

Zauz is the blacksmith who helps Link by forging the blade of the Phantom Sword used to defeat Bellum. The Sword Blade is made of three Pure Metals,[4] which Link must collect by befriending the island natives and delving through their respective temples. Zauz tells Link to return in time, as the forging of the Sword Blade is a lengthy process.[5] After Link defeats Jolene one last time, Zauz will have finished the Sword Blade upon returning to his island.

Zauz provides Link a secret that proves to help him navigate further into the Temple of the Ocean King. By drawing an ancient symbol on a particular red door on one of the temple's many levels, he will be able to access an entirely different temple floor,[6] and by extension, the remaining two Sea Charts.[7]

When Zauz first speaks to Ciela, he indicates that he is not human; later dialog suggests he is of the Cobble race, which defended the Ocean King.[8] He shares dark skin and a large, oddly-colored nose with King Mutoh and his Knights.

Other Appearances

Phantom Hourglass (Himekawa)

Zauz is first mentioned by Oshus, who tells Link to visit the blacksmith since he knows how to defeat Bellum.[9] However, after Linebeck is captured by the monster, Jolene is sent in Link's stead.[10] When the pirate reaches Zauz's island, Zauz himself is in his home working. As he crafts a Sword to defeat Bellum, Jolene asks if he is finished yet.[11] Zauz replies that defeating Bellum requires a true Phantom Sword.[12] Beginning to fret, Jolene tells him that they are in a hurry and asks him if he can finish it faster.[13] Zauz says that it is a difficult process and suggests Jolene has some tea.[14] The pirate girl says they need the Sword as soon as possible and again urges him to hurry.[15] Eventually, Zauz completes the Phantom Sword and Jolene brings the weapon to Link.[16]



Names in Other Regions
  • 鍛冶屋のサウズ (Kajiya no Sauzu)
  • サウズ (Sauzu)[19]
The French Republic
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
  • Il Fabbro
  • Effesto[18]
Latin America
The Kingdom of Spain
  • Zauz[24]
  • Zauz, el herrero
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