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The Dwarven Swordsmiths are twin characters in A Link to the Past.[1]


A Link to the Past

The Dwarven Swordsmiths can be found to the southeast of Kakariko Village. One of the smiths remarks that he can only temper Link's sword when his partner returns.[2]

In the Dark World, the missing Dwarven Swordsmith can be found just south of the Village of Outcasts near the Digging Game. He is stuck in a Frog-like form due to the Dark World's magic, and he is surrounded by black stones which can only be lifted with the Titan's Mitt. It is required to rescue him in order to get the Super Bomb.

Link can then use his Magic Mirror to transport both him and the Dwarven Swordsmith back to the Light World, reuniting the two Dwarves. As a reward, they will offer to temper Link's Master Sword into a Master Sword Lv2.

Other Appearances

Ancient Stone Tablets


Names in Other Regions
鍛冶屋 (Kaji-ya)[4]Blacksmith
The People's Republic of China
矮人铸剑师 (ǎi rén zhù jiàn shī)[7] 
The French Republic
Forgeron Nain[6]Dwarven Black-smith
The Federal Republic of Germany
Wackere Schmiede[5]Valiant Blacksmiths
The Italian Republic
Fabbri nani[3]Dwarf blacksmiths
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