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Paya is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[7][8]


Breath of the Wild

Paya is a young Sheikah woman who lives in Kakariko Village. She resides in her grandmother Impa's House, where she has her own Room in the attic.[9] She has a tattoo of the Crest of the Sheikah on her face to ward off evil, in addition to honoring her long Sheikah lineage.[10] Her name is derived from the papaya-shaped birthmark she has on her left buttock.[11][12] Paya is noted to become flustered when she speaks to boys.[13]

Prior to Link's arrival in Kakariko Village, Paya has been tending to the Sheikah Heirloom, which has been passed down in her family.[5][14] Recently, she has begun hearing voices speaking about the Heirloom's destiny being realized soon, making her nervous.[5] She wrote about her concerns in the Journal of Various Worries.[5] Paya also started her Diary, where she writes her about her day and thoughts.[15]

Link first encounters Paya outside of Impa's House, where she is scrubbing the porch. When Paya notices Link, she will be shocked to be approached by a man and hide her face behind her hands.[16] However, she soon spots the Sheikah Slate and, recalling the stories Impa told her, tries to remember his name.[17] Paya assures Link that she has trouble speaking sometimes, and she then struggles to introduce herself.[18] Once she says her name, Paya seemingly calms down, acknowledging that it should be easy to say her own name and apologizing.[19] Since Impa has been waiting for Link's return, Paya urges him to go inside and see her grandmother.[20] If Link speaks to Paya again, she will panic and hide her face in her hands again, mentioning how close he is before asking that he go inside.[21] She will remain outside until Link and Impa have finished their conversation.

Paya recounts their meeting later on in her Diary.[22] She claims that she has never seen her grandmother as happy as she was when Link returned.[23] Paya thought that Link looked like gallant hero, mentioning his pointed ears and blond hair.[24] However, she does not know why her heart will not stop beating quickly.[25]

After the "Seek Out Impa" Main Quest has been completed, Paya will begin her daily schedule. From 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Paya will be cleaning the Sheikah Heirloom in Impa's House. At first, Paya is still incredibly shy around Link and refers to him with a title.[26] Still, she is incredibly eager to help him in any way she can.[27][28] At the end of their talk, Paya wishes Link good luck on his journey.[29] If Link asks about the Sheikah Heirloom, she explains that it is an artifact that has been passed down in her family for generations.[30] Paya admits that she does not know the meaning of the legend associated with the Heirloom, but she continues to contemplate it.[31]

If asked about Kakariko Village, Paya will speak about the history of the Sheikah, who have served the Royal Family of Hyrule for generations, but were scattered following the Great Calamity.[32] When this happened, several members swore allegiance to the Yiga Clan, and she warns Link that they will target him as an enemy.[33] Paya tells Link that he can ask her for help if he needs it.[34] Impa then speaks up, mentioning the Great Fairy Cotera who overlooks the Village.[35] Paya shares that Cotera's Great Fairy Fountain can be found behind Ta'loh Naeg Shrine, and she believes Cotera would be happy to help him.[36]

Lastly, should Link ask Paya about herself, she immediately becomes flustered.[37] After a moment of hesitation, she begins to tell him about how she got her name.[11] If Link asks her where the birthmark is, Paya becomes embarrassed again and hides her face, struggling to tell him.[38] Initially, Impa will interject, instructing Link to change the subject.[39] Paya finishes by promising to tell Link where it is some day.[40] Later on, Paya will struggle to answer Link's question.[41][clarification needed] Impa will again insert herself into the conversation, revealing that the birthmark is on her left buttock.[12]

At 7:00 PM, Paya will leave Impa's House to polish the Traveler's Guardian Deities outside.[42] She warns Link to be careful of traveling at night, since the roads can be dangerous.[43][44] If Link approaches her at the statues, she will be surprised by his sudden appearance and ask how she can help him.[45] If Link asks Paya what she is doing, she explains that the Deities are meant to guide individuals through life.[46] She considers Link's path in life is admirable, and she believes that tending to the Deities will help him.[47] Paya leaves the Traveler's Guardian Deities at 1:00 AM to return to her Room.

In her Room, Paya will write about her day in her Diary.[15] If Link tries to read Paya's Diary while she is present, she will frantically beg him not to.[48] When Link speaks to Paya while she is entering her Room, she will be offended that he is there and ask him to leave.[49] When spoken to at her desk, Paya will be surprised and wonder if Link needs something from her.[50] If Link asks what she is doing, Paya will explain she is writing in her Diary.[15] Should Link ask if she is tired, Paya reveals that she does so much work taking care of the Sheikah Heirloom and praying for Kakariko Village's safety that she loses track of time.[14] Lastly, if Link asks about the Crest of the Sheikah on her face, Paya will be concerned that something is wrong with her face, but she then explains its significance to him.[10] Paya will sleep in her Bed from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM, dreaming about Link.[51][52]

Paya after the Sheikah Heirloom is stolen

After the "By Firefly's Light" Side Quest has been completed, Paya can be found crying on the floor of Impa's House.[53] When Link approaches her, she states that she only looked away for a second and wonders what she should do.[54] If Link tells her to stay positive, Paya angrily asks how she is supposed to.[55] Otherwise, if Link asks what is wrong, Paya reveals that the Sheikah Heirloom was stolen just when she discovered its secret.[56]

Paya then begins to sob, and Impa recites the legend of the Sheikah Heirloom.[57] Believing Link to be the hero mentioned in the legend, Paya has been staying up all night to research the Heirloom.[58] She eventually concluded that the Sheikah Heirloom is the key to revealing an Ancient Shrine.[59] Before they could share this with Link, however, the Heirloom was stolen.[60]

Paya recounts she has been cleaning the Sheikah Heirloom every day, meaning it must have been stolen during the night.[61] She claims that it is forbidden for outsiders to enter Impa's House, but she does not think any of the Village's residents would steal from them.[62] This starts "The Stolen Heirloom" Shrine Quest. Paya feels violated that someone came into her home with evil intent, but she is grateful that Impa is safe.[63] Since Paya is afraid the thief is possibly still nearby, Impa asks Link to stay by her side for the day.[64]

In Paya's Room that evening, she thanks Link for staying with her, but she now sees that being scared will not return the Sheikah Heirloom.[65] According to Dorian and Cado, only the villagers were seen around the time of the theft.[66] Paya says she will try to remember all she can about that night, but she warns Link that the thief could still be nearby.[67] Feeling uneasy, she tells Link that not to approach if he spots any suspicious movements.[68]

After Link completes Lakna Rokee Shrine, he will find Paya depressed in Impa's House, blaming herself for the Sheikah Heirloom being stolen.[69] However, when Link reveals that he was able to recover and use the Sheikah Heirloom, Paya will be happy.[70] She prays that the old gods' protection will follow Link.[71] When spoken to again, Paya will express some loneliness without the Heirloom, though she is still grateful that Link found it useful.[72][73]

When Link has calmed one Divine Beast, a third page will appear in Paya's Diary. In it, she admits that she is not great at interacting with men, but she claims she is now able to look Link in the eyes while speaking to him.[74] Though she still gets embarrassed, Paya still naturally follows Link's gaze, which she blams on his "beautiful blue eyes."[75]

The fourth entry in Paya's Diary appears after two Divine Beasts have been calmed. Paya wonders if Link is in love with Zelda.[76] She claims that she would give them her support if so, but the thought of doing so causes her heart to hurt.[77] Concerned she is getting sick, Paya resolves to ask Impa for medicine the next day.[78]

Once three Divine Beasts are calmed, the fifth entry in Paya's Diary will appear. When Paya asked Impa for medicine, she only responded by smiling.[79] She then went to Dorian and Cado ti ask about her grandmother's actions, but they did the same.[80] As a result, Paya was unable to get any medicine.[81]

The final entry for Paya's Diary appears once all four Divine Beasts have been tamed. After speaking with Impa, Paya now realizes that she is in love with Link.[82] Despite the fact Link may not return her feelings, Paya is still grateful that she is able to experience them on her own.[83]

At any time, Link can speak to Paya while not wearing any Armor to cover his torso. When he does this, Paya will become incredibly embarrassed and hide her face, asking him to clothe himself.[84]

Tears of the Kingdom

Paya is now the chief of Kakariko Village following her grandmother Impa's retirement.


  • Initially, Paya was to be a very young girl, but due to a lack of girls around Link's age in the world, she was changed to be a young woman between 18 and 20 years old.[13]


Paya's name comes from the fruit Papaya. She was named for the papaya-shaped birthmark on her left buttock.[11][12]

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