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Not to be confused with Talon, a similarly named recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.

Talo is a character in Twilight Princess.[1]


Talo is one of the children of Ordon Village and the son of Jaggle and Pergie. He is also Malo's older brother.[2] He looks up to Link and admires his prowess with weapons.[3][4][5] Talo is quite immature and is often mean to Colin.[6][7] He is always looking for trouble and is eager to wield weapons.[8][9]

Early on, he is captured while chasing a monkey and taken to the Forest Temple,[10] where they are rescued by Link.[11] Later, he, Colin, Beth, and Malo are taken by Bulblins and are left to die. However, Renado finds them and brings them to Kakariko Village.[12] Talo believes Link will save them and is pleased to see him when he finally arrives.[13] Eventually, he starts respecting Colin for saving Beth,[14] and takes the responsibility of keeping watch over Kakariko Village.[15] If Link comes into town in wolf form, he will scream for everyone to head for safety.[16] While in Kakariko Village, Talo challenges Link to a Bow minigame. If he succeeds, Talo rewards him with a Piece of Heart.

At the end of the game Talo, Malo, Beth, Ilia, Colin, and Link return to Ordon Village together.


Talo's name may be based on Talon, much like his brother's name, Malo, may be based on Malon.

Names in Other Regions
The People's Republic of China
塔罗 (Tǎluō) (TP)
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