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Mountain Minish,[1] also known as Mountain Picori,[2] are a type of Minish in The Minish Cap.


The Minish Cap

The Mountain Minish are a group of seven Minish that followed Melari from the Minish Woods to Mount Crenel.[3] They now live in Melari's Mine, where they hunt for Kinstone Pieces and other ores and minerals by digging into the walls.[4][5]

Four of the Mountain Minish have Kinstone Fusions available.[6]

The Mountain Minish often sing the Ting Tong song,[7][8]

Other Appearances

The Minish Cap (Himekawa)

In The Minish Cap manga by Akira Himekawa, a certain Mountain Minish named Chiruta takes Link to Melari's Mine.


Names in Other Regions
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Minish montani[9] 
The Kingdom of Spain
Montaña Minish[11]Mountain Minish
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