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Kinstone Pieces,[1] also known as Masters of Sur-Prize[2] and Stone Fragments,[3] are items in The Minish Cap.

Location and Uses

Kinstone Pieces are fragments of Kinstones. They can be found scattered and hidden all across Hyrule; under Grass, inside Chests, and carried by enemies. There are four colors of Kinstones, with each color having a number of possible shapes.

Green Kinstone Pieces are found in abundance across the overworld; they can be found by opening Chests, cutting Grass, digging, or defeating enemies. The Goron Merchant sells green Kinstone Pieces for 50 Rupees at his stall in Hyrule Town. There are three different shapes of green Kinstone Pieces.

Blue Kinstone Pieces are uncommon, even though they can be obtained much like green Kinstone Pieces, in that simply opening Chests, cutting Grass, digging, or defeating enemies will likely reveal them. Blue Kinstone Pieces are notable for their role in Fusing with the Mysterious Walls hidden within Secret Caves, lending further assistance to the Gorons in the Goron Cave. The Goron Merchant sells blue Kinstone Pieces for 200 Rupees. There are two different shapes of blue Kinstone Pieces.

Red Kinstone Pieces are rarer than blue Kinstone Pieces; they can only be bought or claimed from Chests. Red Kinstone Pieces can only be revealed by cutting Grass if Link uses White Picolyte. The Fusion of a Red Kinstone often yields a valuable reward, such as a Piece of Heart, 50 or more Rupees, or the opening of previously inaccessible passageways through waterfalls, tree trunks, and cave walls. Sometimes the Fusing of a Red Kinstone yields a Chest that contains another red Kinstone Piece. The Goron Merchant sells red Kinstone Pieces for 300 Rupees. There are three different shapes of red Kinstone Pieces.

Gold Kinstone Pieces are the rarest Kinstone Pieces and the only type that cannot be found in the overworld or bought. Only nine Pieces can be found in the game. They are only discovered and used as a function of the plot. Castor Wilds, the Cloud Tops, and Veil Falls are the only regions that incorporate these Kinstones, used to open various passageways necessary for Link to continue his journey. These Kinstone Pieces cannot be Fused with a Kinstone Piece from another character like the others. There are seven different shapes of gold Kinstone Pieces.


  • During development, it was intended for players to trade Kinstones with other players via the Game Boy Advance's Wireless Adapter.[4] This feature was removed in the final version of the game.


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